When Greg Hardy hit the UFC there was a crap storm of hate flying his way. Most of it stemmed from a domestic violence incident back in 2014 proving once again that the internet will make sure your mistakes follow you for all eternity. He pushed through and has amassed a 2-1 record since his arrival.

Hardy has apparently been working hard in training on improving his overall skillsets and isn’t satisfied with novices or journeyman anymore. He told MMAJunkie he wants a ranked opponent.

This is my time basically to just work on everything that is Greg Hardy. Grappling, punching, there is no specifics. There’s not a guy to worry about taking me down. This is where I become a martial artist and take the next step. Work on my gi, work on my no-gi, work on my kickboxing. Just encompass everything that is a fighter and build my game to be an actual world champion instead of some fluke showcase movie-deal fight guy.

We’re looking with somebody with numbers behind their name. Going to bring a whole lot of pain, stretch this fight game out and see if we can go three rounds, maybe. See what that looks like.

I can’t presume to know what the boss has in his mind and I will never do that. It’s not my place. I would say I think I deserve nothing. I haven’t earned it, it’s only been two years. But I also think I will crush anyone you put in front of me. So bring it.

What do you think? Is Hardy ready for upper level competition?

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