There is triggering and then there is this.

Former UFC star Tim Kennedy just lit up Fox and Friends with comments about the reason behind the increasing number of mass shootings. He believes that society not having enough masculinity is responsible and this is igniting social justice keyboard warriors. Reading the headline alone probably sent most straight to the comments sections before reading the article. That’s how trigger worthy these comments are.


Essentially it echoes former WWE wrestler Matt Striker’s comments that bullying is being reported more as an issue nowadays because alpha males are not allowed to be men.

Tim seems to agree.

“Everyone is different but men have to be men”, he said.

His point is basically that by keeping boys medicated and not letting them do boy things like climb trees, run around, or be busy in a classroom, and things of that nature that society is affecting their growth as men. Tim is very opinionated and not shy about voicing his thoughts. Obviously.

Watch the full video and wait until he gets to the part where he gives hyperactivity the credit for the moon landing, crushing communism, and beating Hitler.

Take it away Tim…

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