PIC: McGregor celebrates wife’s birthday with two pics sporting shiners

Conor McGregor is a lovable lunatic.

Say what you want about Conor but he’s apparently very loyal when it comes to his relationships. Whether it’s with his friends like Artem Lobov, his coaches, or more importantly his girlfriend Dee Devlin he is with them through thick and thin. He could legitimately have just about any woman he wanted but his love before the UFC has remained his love throughout. Good on ya mate.

The mother of his son Little Mac was there for him when he wasn’t on anyone’s radar and has remained there. Conor frequently shares images of the two living the good life and you can’t help but smile. In the latest post he wishes her a happy birthday but if you pay close attention to them you can spot a shiner on his eye in each one. Obviously from fights but she looks like she could put them there if he got groggy.

Maybe those bruises are symbolic of all they’ve been through? I’m probably thinking too much. Check out the images below. Happy birthday Ms. Devlin.