Current women’s bantamweight and featherweight champion Amanda Nunes may be starting to believe the hype.

During a recent media scrum she said she felt that what the fans and supporters were saying about her was the truth. Check it out (via MMAJunkie)…

A lot of people have been saying… All the things everybody sends a message for me, a lot of letters at the gym. I have a bunch of letters that I have to send back to the fans.

Every time I sign them, I sit back. Everybody tells me now. I have to say I am, because people tell me, everybody tells me. I believe them and now I say I am. I deserve everything that I have in my life.

It’s no secret that we think Nunes is an incredible fighter. Her knockout win over Cris Cyborg to become the first women’s champ-champ in the UFC was something not a lot of fans expected including us. Did she steal the GOAT title from Cyborg?

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