Reports have come in that the Ultimate Fighting Championship, also known as the UFC has purchased a multi-million dollar facility in Las Vegas in order to feature more events in the casino heaven of the United States.

The purchase was made in 2018 and has been going through multiple months of renovation and has already featured a major event in its premises.

According to UFC representatives, the venue will not be exclusive for UFC tournaments as it is designed in a way that could fit other industries as well.

For example, the facility is large enough to hold a small concert, or, according to some gaming outlets, eSports events in the future.

The venue was opened on the 18th of June and featured Dana White’s Contender Series.

According to the president of UFC, Dana White himself the new facility is going to introduce new opportunities for the production mechanics of the events. It will also give much more flexibility in broadcasting the events worldwide, especially in China after the Weibo partnership.

The venue itself is right in UFC’s backdoor in Las Vegas as it sits adjacent to the headquarters.

The building was formerly occupied by a large gambling organization (typical of Las Vegas), called Scientific Games.

White also mentioned that the venue is multi-purpose, meaning that it can be rented out during dormant UFC seasons.

Typically the building would be perfect for small concerts, other in-door sports events and most importantly, eSports tournaments which are starting to take the US entertainment market by storm.

The UFC is heading strong for 2020

With the new revenue streams that this venue will open up, alongside the production innovations in the industry, UFC is gearing up for an extremely successful 2020.

The partnership with Weibo is sure to be lucrative, allowing the UFC to feature a lot more events worldwide and especially in Las Vegas, given how the city is a hot spot for US gamblers and bettors, willing to watch the games as they check their odds.

All in all, the new venue is seeming to be a great investment from the UFC which will definitely pay off in the near future.

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