Rather than rehash the entire Jon Jones/PED fiasco we’ll sum it up real quick.

Jon Jones beats Daniel Cormier for the UFC light heavyweight title. Jon Jones pops positive for turinabol. Jon Jones is suspended and stripped of title. Jon Jones has suspension reduced to 15 months for “special assistance” agreement with USADA.

When Jon’s suspension was first announced as being reduced – for what some believed to be a “snitching on other cheaters” clause – here’s what one of our favorite combat sports personalities Chael P Sonnen had to say. We’re not saying Sonnen has a past with Ped’s. Sonnen has a long history with PED’s. We said it. Here’s what he said.

Words of wisdom from “The American Gangster”.

After that debacle happened we moved on to December’s UFC 232 which we will simplify.

Jon Jones pops positive for turinabol again ahead of his rematch with Alexander Gustafsson. The event is moved from Nevada to California at the last minute because the CSAC will ignore the failure. Jones wins title and later fails another drug test for turinabol.

The UFC claims that Jon’s failures leading up to, and after the event are examples of something called “pulsing”. This is a phenomenon where banned substances resurface after an extended period of time in the blood stream like an earthquake’s aftershocks. They pushed this PR line hard because for Jon and the UFC if this is a legitimate failure for the champ it would be devastating to the credibility of both. The UFC touts the thoroughness and fairnessof their anti-doping crusade and Jon is proclaiming his innocence to anyone who will listen.

Chael weighed in on the new developments and what he said was surprising. He believes that Jon isn’t lying about not knowing he was putting the turinabol in his system – at least, not exactly. Mr. Sonnen thinks Jon possibly took another PED that had turinabol in it and so technically he isn’t fibbing about not knowing how how he failed his tests. It’s better if you hear it all from Chael. Trust us.

We’ll kick it off with this tantalizing quote from Sonnen, ” I am seeing Jon falsely disparaged for having retaken banned substances. That’s not true.” Hang on folks as he prepares to test the hypothesis, West Linn, Oregon style.

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