Oscar Del Hoya held his first Golden Boy MMA event on November 24th which featured a very out of shape Chuck Liddell getting brutally knocked out by bitter rival Tito Ortiz. He was criticized for making the fight between the 47 year old Liddell and 43 year old Ortiz but he has brushed the naysayers off. One person he has not let trash his ambition is UFC head Dana White. Here’s some of what he said on ESPN’s First Take.

I’m gonna compete with Dana White. Just the way I started Golden Boy promotions, and now we’re the biggest powerhouse in boxing. That’s exactly what I’m going to do with MMA.

He also believes the old ways of MMA promoting and income models are going by the wayside.

In MMA, I’m gonna sit down with my team. I’m gonna analyze the free agents out there, because I’m not gonna get a hold of no fighters who are under contract with the UFC. I want to see who’s a free agent, who contacts me. And then I’ll build another event, but I’ll build a big event. I’ll build an event where the fighters are not Chuck Liddell’s and Tito Ortiz’s age, but I’ll build an amazing event. And not do it on pay-per-view. I’ll do it on a platform that is not gonna charge you $80, $90. Pay-per-view’s gone. That’s why Canelo Alvarez is gonna make $365 million not fighting on pay-per-view.

What do you think? Can De La Hoya actually compete with the UFC or is it wishful thinking?

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