For the newbs out there let me give you an abbreviated backstory on Tank Abbott. Tank fought in early UFC’s, knocked a bunch of people out, returned to the UFC and lost 4 in a row, went to WCW,and last fought in 2013 before retiring with a 10-15 record. Whew… In an interview with Hannibal TV he discusses a nearly fatal liver transplant and return to fighting.

On the transplant:

[My body] finally caught up with all of my wild life. Blew a gasket on my liver, but I got a nice transplant and everything is moving right along. It was not without complications, though. I died five times on the operating table, had over six strokes, but I’m still here. This is the hardest fight I’ve ever had. I spent 107 days in the intensive care unit.

On a return to fighting:

I’ve been out of commission for a little bit. I’m getting fired up again and do things that I love to do, which is to kick ass.

Tank we hope you stay retired, sir. You have earned it.

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