Brandon “Hardrock” Higdon is Hardrock MMA’s founder and one of the pioneer’s of modern mixed martial arts promotions in the southeast. Before his events were held there were only a few reliable places to compete in the Midwest. Stability during the boom period and rise of the UFC for fighters wasn’t exactly common and finding an organization to call home was difficult. Brandon set out to create a home for them and after ten years it’s safe to say he succeeded.

Before the organization’s big 10 year anniversary event goes down this Friday in Elizabethtown, KY we got a chance to speak with him.

PMN: What was your biggest event?

Hardrock: Hardrock MMA 100 was definitely our biggest event ever. A lot of work and preparation went into that show. The crowd was massive to say the least. It was about 3 times bigger than any previous event we had ran.

PMN: In terms of title implications or impact on the organization what was the biggest fight for you guys over the years?

Hardrock: Several fights over the years have had that big fight feel to them. It’s really hard to round it down. The most electricity I ever felt during a fight was Mitchell Guzman vs Brandon Hurst in Shepherdsville, KY. The entire crowd was split and back and forth rooting their favorite on.

PMN: In terms of fighters that have stepped in to the Hardrock cage which one would you consider the biggest name or most successful?

Hardrock: There have been so many over the past 10 years. Lorenz Larkin has probably had the most success, and has come back and visited Hardrock MMA events. Most fighters from the area who have went on to bigger shows have fought for us. If you don’t know the name Nathan Maness keep an eye on him he will be in the UFC next year.

PMN: What can we expect to see on Friday?

Hardrock: We have a good mix of talent on this event from guys making there amateur debuts to guys fighting at a high level professionally. Elizabethtown is our home it’s where Hardrock MMA started and we plan to celebrate with the fans this Friday night. This is our last event of 2018, but that doesn’t mean I get to rest. We are already working on HRMMA 105 on February 2nd, 2019 in Shepherdsville, KY.

I am lucky enough to have been asked to perform ring announcer duties for this event. Come out and see me if you are in the area.

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