UFC 233 cancelled and UFC is rearranging 2019 schedule

UFC 233 was having a really tough time holding a main event down let alone one worthy of headlining it following this month’s Jones vs Gustafsson 2 at UFC 232. Brett Okamoto of ESPN broke the news on Twitter: Breaking: UFC is rearranging its pay-per-view schedule. UFC 233 will no longer take place on Jan. … Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Hardrock MMA CEO talks 10th anniversary, historic moments, and future

Brandon “Hardrock” Higdon is Hardrock MMA’s founder and one of the pioneer’s of modern mixed martial arts promotions in the southeast. Before his events were held there were only a few reliable places to compete in the Midwest. Stability during the boom period and rise of the UFC for fighters wasn’t exactly common and finding … Read more

The official Captain Marvel trailer drops

Captain Marvel comes out in 2019 but Marvel Studios appears anxious to show off their first female led superhero movie. They are touting her as the future leader of their post Downey/Evans era and have stated she would be the most powerful hero to date. The trailer dropped and fanboys are losing their minds – including us. Check it out and tell us what you think of it.

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