Chael Sonnen may be fighting Fedor Emelianenko on Saturday but he is picking another fight before that bell can ring. He’s going after fans whose complaints aren’t even aimed at ‘The American Gangster’ or his fight with ‘The Last Emperor’ at Bellator 208. They are targeting Conor McGregor and his actions after he was pummeled by Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229. You might have heard that there was a ruckus between the two teams when it was over. Fans are still arguing about who threw the first punch and the latest spin is McGregor being the culprit.

During the Bellator 208 media day Chael Sonnen spoke with MMAFighting about it all and he was having none of the blame being aimed at Conor (via Bloody elbow).

First up, they can shove it up their ass. That whole thing was created by some wimp somewhere about ‘the other guy has to throw the first punch.’ If you’re engaging me aggressively, and I let you within an arm’s reach, I’m a sucker if I allow you to throw the first punch. The first thing you do – and remember this, if your dads weren’t smart enough to tell you. If you learned how to fight from your moms, or from your wimpy teachers in your liberal school district, you don’t let somebody get within an arm’s reach of you when they got that look in their eye. You keep them back, and if they break the distance, you always hit them first.

Check out all of what he said in the video below…

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