Chael Sonnen feels like his homie Colby Covington is changing the landscape of MMA. Colby is outspoken, reckless, and a natural born bad guy which is right up Chael’s alley. Covington is now the UFC’s interim welterweight champion while he waits for a shot at champion Tyron Woodley to unify the title. Here’s what Chael said on The MMA Hour (via MMAMania)…

In many ways, he’s going to reinvent the sport…. People are going to start copying him. He’s the first guy to come out and go, ‘Look, I’m just looking to entertain you. If the UFC isn’t going to bring me cameras, I’ll hire my own production crew, I’ll pay them, but I’m going to get this content recorded and out to the masses.’

Colby told Radio on a recent episode that he would be the ‘babyface’ during the build up to his bout with Woodley. What do you think? Will Colby ever be the babyface in anything or stay the heel?

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