UFC welterweight Duane "Bang" Ludwig
Duane “Bang” Ludwig
Duane Ludwig’s beef with Urijah Faber continues in epic fashion. This time he scoffs at Faber’s talk of a shot against newly minted champ Dominick Cruz. His suggestion is for Faber to fight rival TJ Dillashaw for the shot since it was a ‘bad call’ according to Duane that cost TJ his belt. Faber has himself brushed a fight with TJ off, but Ludwig is going to push for a bout with Dillashaw.

Here’s what he told MMAJunkie.com

If they want to put us with Faber? I’m OK with that fight. I know Faber’s looking for a payday, so let’s go sock up Faber, stay busy, and when Cruz gets healthy, let’s do it again. That’s fair and just. (Faber) barely beat a tough journeyman in his last fight (against Frankie Saenz). He doesn’t deserve to fight a top-five guy. There’s a great emotional drama to get that shot, (though), so let’s give it to him. Go kick him in the face, put it behind us, and get the rematch with Cruz. But if Cruz is healthy to get back to it during the summer, let’s do that. It depends on Cruz’s health issue.

A fight with Cruz would complete a trilogy between Faber and Cruz. “The California Kid” handed Dominick his last loss. Cruz would get his revenge and evened the score. A third fight would be a good fight to market for the UFC and you know Dana White has picked up on that already.

Do you want to see Faber vs. Cruz, or a bout with Dillashaw?

3 thoughts on “It’s on again! Ludwig blasts Faber’s title talk, last win over journeyman”
  1. I wanna see Dillashaw vs. Cruz immediate rematch….Faber hasn’t done anything worthy of fighting for the title…only reason he’s in the picture is because of the rubber-match angle…I don’t even wanna see Dillashaw vs. Faber….cause I think Dillashaw works him…but then if Faber somehow won…at least he’s had a legit reason to get a title shot.

  2. Faber-Dillashaw seems to be the move although I could see them trying to do Faber-Cruz. But yeah an immediate rematch would be nice.

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