dominick cruz talks with pro mma now
Dominick Cruz

Dominick Cruz got his belt back in controversial fashion and then said some controversial things about Kenny Florian afterwards. KenFlo took exception to them, but manage to keep his cool. The reason this is important is that Florian was accused of plagiarism and suspended from FOX. KenFlo gave his side of the story, but the internet was relentless in its quest to prove his guilt.

Florian opened up on his podcast about Cruz’s comments.

I talked to Dominick and he apologized to me. He said his emotions were running high and I get it. When I was fighting, you get emotional and you almost take it personally. Dominick is such a competitive dude that he took it personal. I picked T.J. and the only reason I picked T.J. was, yes, not only is he a great fighter, but Dominick hadn’t competed in so long. With all the injuries, that’s why I went with Dillashaw. It was nothing personal and that’s why I hate working with some of these guys because you do become very friendly. Picking fights is probably my least favorite thing to do. You don’t want to offend anyone and I’m sure Dominick was probably offended by that but listen, the best revenge is getting the win and that’s exactly what he did.

There is no return date set for Florian by FOX and no indication whether or not he will ever be reinstated. We will keep you up to date as things develop and info becomes available.

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