Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice looks to be shaping up nicely and this trailer reveals how dark this picture is in terms of story and tone.

How even will the fight be? Probably unrealistically even or Batman getting the upper hand. Let’s face it though- the kryptonite glove fight theory Bat’s fan boys cling to would never truly work. Watch the Justice League movie WAR and see how a real fight between an almost immortal super hero against a rich guy with gadgets goes. Doesn’t end well for Batman.

As I was saying, to appease these fan boys they will most certainly make it an even fight. Over the years Batman’s realistic skill set has been replaced by a ridiculous Captain America level superhuman ability package. Still, they would have to completely strip Superman of his abilities or their effectiveness for Batman to have a chance. Who cares. Batman and Superman on screen for the first time together with good actors portraying them to boot.

Wonder Woman appears briefly in the trailer and they seem to have gotten the reason for Batman’s anger at Supes right. There are a lot of new elements including the introduction of Lex Luthor, and that has the fans excited at what evil schemes he is cooking up.

Watch it and let us know what you think.

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