Bat-Gate: Arrow’s Stephen Amell says character could beat Batman

Arrow is a solid hit for the CW network along with the mega hit The Flash. Now, it’s no secret that Arrow has borrowed a LOT from the Batman universe. Ra’s Al Ghul being the most obvious one, but there is a lot more. Naturally, there will be comparisons between his Green Arrow character and … Read more

Zack Snyder on Batman in Batman v. Superman

Zack Snyder is the DC fan boy hero. He has taken on the challenge of trying to rival Marvel’s superior films despite having mostly darker source material to work with. His biggest challenge to date is next year’s Batman v. Superman. He recently opened up at a ceremony honoring the late Bob Kane, co creator … Read more

Budget for Batman v. Superman is INSANE, League even crazier

According to Latino-Review, the actual freaking budget for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is an unreal $410 million. If this is true, this film will be the most expensive movie ever made – and biggest risk taken by a studio almost assuredly. Based on the lukewarm reception for Superman’s latest, and bloated, standalone film Man … Read more

Superman V. Batman trailer 2 officially released *VIDEO*

Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice looks to be shaping up nicely and this trailer reveals how dark this picture is in terms of story and tone. How even will the fight be? Probably unrealistically even or Batman getting the upper hand. Let’s face it though- the kryptonite glove fight theory Bat’s fan boys cling … Read more

Check out what’s hidden on the Episode VII Millenium Falcon in this video

Two of the greatest directors of our time Zack Snyder and JJ Abrams continue their tongue in cheek back and forth film humor. In Abrams Star Trek reboot you can see R2D2 clearly in one of the space shots, and once again he slips one in. Check out what’s hidden on the spaceship in this … Read more

Josh Neer vs. Kurt Pellegrino confirmed for UFC Fight Night 19 on August 5th

PRO MMA ( has learned from Josh Neer’s (25-7-1) manager that a match-up between “The Dentist” and “Batman” Kurt Pellegrino (13-4) has been confirmed for UFC Fight Night 19 on August 5th.

Neer’s last appearance inside the Octagon earned him a $30,000 bonus for ‘Fight of the NIght’ on February 7th at UFC Fight Night 17 when he choked out The Ultimate Fighter season 6 winner, Mac Danzig, via triangle choke in the second round. Neer is 4-4 in the UFC and six of his eight fights in the UFC have been on ‘Fight Night’ cards.

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