UFC-Tonight-logoOn UFC TONIGHT, host Daniel Cormier is joined by guest hosts Michael Bisping and Demetrious Johnson. They break down FOX SPORTS 1 UFC FIGHT NIGHT: HENDERSON VS. THATCH and interview Benson Henderson. Plus, Karyn Bryant and Ariel Helwani add reports.

UFC TONIGHT Host Daniel Cormier announces his next fight: “I’m fighting Ryan Bader on June 6 in New Orleans live on FOX Sports 1 in a five-round main event. I start my trek back to the UFC light heavyweight championship. I can’t wait.”

Cormier on all the recent failed drug tests in the UFC: “When you look at social media, fans are saying this is bad for the UFC. I say it’s good. It’s working. Keep it up. It’s exposing these guys who are taking short cuts. Keep testing these guys. Tell them they can’t keep cheating. It’s not a bad thing. It’s a good thing. Do more [testing]. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are doing things wrong, it will show it.”

UFC TONIGHT Guest Host Michael Bisping on more testing needed in the sport: “Dana White said if people are using it, they’re going to get caught. We’re seeing that. For people who don’t know too much about the sport and see legends like Anderson Silva get caught, it looks bad and leaves a bad tasted in people’s mouths. I’d like to see every main event and co-main event get tested, plus two or three guys on the card randomly tested, plus random testing before fights. There has to be year-round random testing and harsher penalties.”

UFC TONIGHT Guest Host Demetrious Johnson on harsher penalties: “I’m pretty sure if you made [suspensions] four years that they lost in the career, they wouldn’t do it anymore.”

Johnson on Brandon Thatch: “Brandon Thatch is very talented. You can tell he’s bringing the heat. He fights well in the clinch and will bring it to Henderson. He throws his knees in the clinch with his combinations. He doesn’t back up. He stays on his opponents until they’re finished.”

Johnson on Henderson fighting Thatch: “It’s hard to move up to a new weight class, taking on someone who’s bigger than you.”

Benson Henderson on how it feels not having to cut so much weight since moving to 170: “It feels great right now. But it might not feel as great on Fight Night having Brandon Thatch pushing up on me.”

Henderson on why he took the fight on short notice at a different weight class: “The UFC, Joe Silva and Dana White hit me up and asked me to do a favor. I said sure. Some people are too concerned about this and that. I’m a fighter. That’s what I do. I do what I love.”

Henderson on what he thinks of Thatch: “He’s so explosive. He’s a finisher. He has that killer instinct. But he doesn’t have that five-round experience. We’ll play that to our advantage.”

Henderson on how he’ll beat Thatch: “I know he’s been working on his wrestling. His wrestling coach is one of my buddies. I don’t think it’s his weakness. It’s us pushing him backward. He’s used to being the aggressive one. We’re going to try to put him on his heels.”

Henderson on losing his last fight to Donald Cerrone: “I love Donald, he’s my boy. The judges awarded the decision another way than I thought. You have to man up and move forward. I’m just working with that negative energy and using it to get better.”

UFC TONIGHT Insider Ariel Helwani on Edgar vs. Faber: “I have confirmed with the UFC, on May 16 in Manila, Frankie Edgar vs. Urijah Faber at 145 pounds in a five-round fight.”

Helwani on a co-main event for FOX UFC FIGHT NIGHT in New Jersey on April 18: “On April 18 on the FOX UFC Fight Night, Yoel Romero vs. Jacare Souza is the new co-main event. With Lyoto Machida vs. Luke Rockhold as the main event, this is kind of a one night four-man middleweight tournament.”

Helwani on Khabib Nurmagomedov’s next fight: “The UFC is talking about Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Donald Cerrone on May 23, which is Memorial Day Weekend. Both fighters have agreed to the fight, but it’s not confirmed yet.”

Helwani on Stefan Struve changing camps: “Struve has started training with the Blackzilians. Big Nog told me he wants to fight Struve next, but they haven’t confirmed the fight.”

Helwani on Rashad Evans’ return: “Around Christmastime his knee popped and the cadaver broke. He just had another ACL surgery to repair it. He’s looking at a recovery time of six to nine months. He says he’s not going out like this. He’s on the comeback trail.”

Demetrious Johnson on facing Kyoji Horiguchi next: “The guy’s on a hot streak. He’s 4 and 0 in the UFC and I’m ready to go to work.”

Johnson on how he’ll beat Horiguchi: “I just have to go in there and put pressure on my opponents. I have to mix up my wrestling, my Muay Thai clinch and striking.”

Johnson on if he’ll move up to 135 to fight TJ Dillashaw: “Absolutely, the price tag is two-million dollars. Let’s make it happen.”

Johnson on getting more recognition as the flyweight champion: “All I have to do as a champion is go out and win fights impressively and the attention will come.”

Johnson on how he avoids getting hurt before fights: “I’m training smart. I’ve got a great group of guys to train with. My main training partner is Matt Hume. I don’t push my body to the point where I’m breaking.”

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