UFC-Tonight-logoOn UFC TONIGHT, hosts Kenny Florian and Daniel Cormier break down FOX SPORTS 1 UFC FIGHT NIGHT: MCGREGOR VS. SIVER and interview Conor McGregor. Plus, they catch up with No. 1 ranked lightweight Rafael dos Anjos. Karyn Bryant interviews Alexander Gustafsson. Plus, Ariel Helwani adds reports.

UFC TONIGHT host Daniel Cormier on recovering from his recent loss: “Getting back to work helps. It’s a healing process. I see where I made mistakes and I still believe I can be the light heavyweight champion. My nose is a little jacked up and my ribs are pretty beat up. I didn’t realize how many times he kneed me. A lot of guys have championship hangover and get back into the gym a little too soon. I’m going to take my time.”

Cormier on what Siver needs to do to beat McGregor and what McGregor offers: “Siver has to rely on his experience. This is his 19thfight and he’s been in the cage with a lot of really great fighters. When he beat George Sotiropoulos, George was undefeated. He’s a tough veteran and has a lot of skill. But he has an uphill battle. Conor has backed up everything he’s said every step of the way. We didn’t know if he could beat Dustin Poirier and he did. He’s one of these guys who can do everything inside of the Octagon.””

Florian on Siver’s pressure and McGregor’s skills: “Siver has nothing to lose. He has to pressure Conor and get that head moving. If he can mix things up, hit some reaction and get some takedowns, and do some spinning back kicks, he can get him. With McGregor, I’m not sure he knows what he’s doing, like Jon Jones and Anthony Pettis, he utilizes his intuition so well and has an amazing feel for what he’s doing.”

Conor McGregor on the cut on his nose: “It’s absolutely nothing. It’s a little graze. I don’t even remember it happening.”

Conor McGregor on his Reebok sponsorship: “Can you smell that money? I’ve partnered with Reebok. It’s a big step forward in my career and I’m honored to be with this brand. I’m honored to be one of the athletes that Reebok has chosen to get behind. I will prove that by going out and performing in phenomenal style.”

Conor McGregor on his confidence ending the fight quickly: “I enjoy pressure. I like the feeling and illusion of pressure. Where the prediction has come from, I analyze my opponent. The shot I need to put him away, it’ll happen four or five times over within the first two minutes. It could be the first exchange. The way he moves, he will not take what I give.”

McGregor why he’ll be the guy to beat Jose Aldo: “I don’t base myself on past people’s attempts. In my mind, I’m a two weight world champion. I vacated those belts when I signed with the UFC. In my mind, I’m simply contesting for those belts again. I’ll dispatch of everyone they put in front of me. I feel different. I’m a much different athlete and my approach is different. For me, it’s another clean sweep. It’ll be as easy as it always is.”

Ariel Helwani on the welterweight title picture: “I talked to UFC president Dana White about the situation, and he told me Lawler said he needs time off, Johny wants stay active, and Matt Brown needed a fight. So they put Johny vs. Brown. Then Rory MacDonald fights Hector Lombard in Montreal a month later. Then after those two fights, we’ll see what makes sense for the title fight. So that title shot is very much up in the air.”

Helwani on potential main event in Montreal: “I’m hearing TJ Dillashaw vs. Renan Barao, but it’s not official and the UFC hasn’t announced it. Also I’m hearing Rampage Jackson vs. Fabio Maldonado could be on that card as well, but it’s not official.”

Helwani on the co-main event at UFC 185: “The UFC just told me that the co-main event will be Carla Esparza defending her UFC strawweight title for the first time vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk, the Polish striker.”

Alexander Gustafsson on what Phil Davis told him about fighting Anthony Johnson: “We’ve been talking and training, and he gave me some advice. But it’s no secret, he’s strong and heavy handed. I’m ready.”

Gustafsson on how he needs to fight Johnson: “He can’t connect the punches. He won’t either. I’m too fast for him.”

Gustafsson on fighting at home in Sweden: “It’s a dream for me to fight is in Stockholm, in the arena – it’s a huge arena. I’m really excited for it. It is pressure and a lot of thoughts and emotions going through my, but it just makes me stronger. I take it as my advantage and I feel great.”

Gustafsson on fighting Jon Jones again: “That’s the fight I want. That’s the big fight I’m dreaming about. I’m going to beat him, I’m going to take that belt from him. But right now, I don’t have time or room for Jon Jones. I’m fighting Anthony Johnson, I need to be the best for him.”

Rafael dos Anjos on getting title shot: “After the fight against Khabib, I stopped thinking about the belt. I was so worried about it before that fight, if I lose, how much will I be back of the line. Now, I’ve just been training, doing my job. I wasn’t thinking about it. Then I got it and I was so happy.”

dos Anjos on going from a good fighter to great fighter? “I think in 2012, I moved here, and everything started changing. I focused on my training. There was not so much distraction as in Brazil. I have better training partners. When I moved here, I said if I want to be champion, I’ve got to train with the best.”

dos Anjos on Anthony Pettis saying he’ll knock him out in five minutes: “I think everybody talks, but then once it’s just me and him in the cage. I have 30 fights and more experience than he does, and it’s going to make the difference. If he thinks he’s going to knock me out, let’s see. I’m going to answer this question in March 14.”

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