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Finally WWE released a DVD featuring Randy Savage and it appears ‘Macho Man’ will accompany Sting in to WWE’s 2015 Hall of Fame class. His brother ‘The Genius’ Lanny Poffo, recently spoke with Interactive Wrestling Radio about a variety of topics starting off with Randy’s DVD.

When I agreed to it, I had no idea it would go so well! My mother was asked if she’d be a part of it and originally refused. She was still mad at WWE for not offering her their condolences on the passing of my father and my brother. But, I said “Mom, this is not for the Macho Man. It is for the Macho Fan. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

Poffo was initially concerned that the DVD would be less than desirable and not do his brother’s legacy justice.

I took a look at it almost with one eye closed because I was so nervous how it was going to come out. But, I was very impressed with it. Now, it wasn’t perfect in my estimation. Here is where I have to talk very carefully. I want you to know that I realize that without Jimmy Hart and Jerry Lawler, we never would have gone to Memphis. And, without Jimmy Hart, we would never have gone to the WWE. Don’t think for one moment that I’m not appreciative of Hulk Hogan for giving a journeyman 4 months of main events. I don’t want to complain, point fingers, or name names. But, I would like to shout out to every main event jabronie that disgraced themselves on my brother’s DVD by making fun of the way that Randy treated Elizabeth.You are all divorced. All of you! All of you are divorced! How dare you question my brother. What did you want him to do? Let Elizabeth shower with Brian Knobbs? Is that what you wanted? I mention Brian Knobbs because he was always trying to earn his name of Nasty Boy. I would have wanted my own locker room! There were people putting Halcion in people’s drinks. There were people using people’s suit cases as toilets. It was like National Lampoons Animal House! My brother was just a no nonsense guy in a world full of nonsense. I would say he was a better husband than Chris Benoit, wouldn’t you say? How come all of these people are divorced?

Randy was reportedly harsh with Miss Elizabeth in the locker rooms during the height of their popularity. WWE apparently highlighted this treatment in the DVD.

Randy was a hard guy not to be jealous of. Now that he’s dead, you’d think they’d get over it. What I would like to do is take all these main event, sorry ass jabronies and put their marriage under the microscope and lets examine them.

There were some amazing commentaries on the DVD and Poffo was grateful.

I called Gene Okerlund, Diamond Dallas Page, and Bret “The Hitman” Hart personally and thanked them for their contributions to my brothers video. Watch it again and see if they don’t resonate with you.

Some, maybe a few alive today know that Randy was a charity oriented individual. He participated in charities quietly while others touted their work as PR.

Randy was a saint. Randy loved, loved, loved the Special Olympics,” said Lanny. “Randy would show up in full regalia. And, When you thought it couldn’t get better, the WWE used to send a mountain of T shirts, posters, baseball caps. And, I used to stand back and watch my brother give the items to the athletes of the Special Olympics, I used to think “Wow, what a good man my brother is. And, what a good company (WWE) we work for.” WWE was giving away all that stuff, the same merchandise you could buy at the arenas. Now, you have to say that is pretty good! No organization does more for the less fortunate than the WWE and for all those who point fingers and laugh, what have you ever done?

Shawn Michaels loved Randy very much and his top rope elbow drop, like CM Punk’s is a tribute to Savage’s popular use of it. Michaels would have made a great addition to the already amazing DVD.

I would have liked to have Pat Patterson not be on it. Here’s why. There was a battle royal for old times in the Meadowlands. Randy blamed Pat Patterson and Chief Jay Strongbow for their influence on Vince McMahon for my father not being allowed in that battle royal. Randy thought he had the stroke to get it done. The sad thing is, Randy wasn’t on the card. The main event was “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Harley Race. For whatever reason, Duggan couldn’t make it. Randy took his place. Every one of them (the legends) came up to him and asked, “How’s your dad? Where’s your dad? How come he isn’t here?” That made Randy feel worse that he couldn’t get it done. It was a very small thing for Randy to ask for. Two days later, Chief Jay Strongbow is in the locker room with a cast on his arm and a sling. Randy says, “What’s the matter with your arm?” Strongbow said, “Lou Thesz broke my arm when he threw me over the top rope.” Randy said, “Lou Thesz didn’t break your arm. You broke your own arm because you’re too fat and you’re a disgrace to the business.” From that day forward, he had a long face in the locker room. Here’s the difference. Jay Strongbow was a 24/7 anal sphincter. Pat Patterson had a wonderful personality and was fun to be around. But, still smug. Randy blamed Pat Patterson for using his influence on Vince McMahon for not allowing my father to be in an old man’s battle royal that wouldn’t have hurt anybody if they had added one extra guy. It was like having a party and you’re not invited, even if you beg me.

Smaller wrestlers like Daniel Bryan have been a mainstay in pro wrestling since WCW showcased them in their cruiserweight division. Savage has been given credit in the past for helping that become a reality. Poffo agreed.

Randy was medium size in a big man’s world. Rey Mysterio is tiny in a big man’s world and he made it work because he is good.

He was asked about CM Punk and his answer was short and sweet. After Savage passed away Punk wore wrestling tights that paid tribute to Randy on TV.

I guess we all heard the greatest shoot interview of all time? I never met CM Punk but I love him.

Lanny Poffo was swept up by WCW when he left WWE. They NEVER used him, not once. For almost 4 years he received money for nothing, but that wasn’t the plan initially. Poffo was to be the new Gorgeous George since WCW owned the name. Instead WCW changed their direction and Macho Man used it in a non-traditional way.

Randy felt bad that he gave his girlfriend the name Gorgeous George”, Lanny explained. Interactive Wrestling Radio gave a history of Gorgeous George, the original George.

He (Poffo) explains that Gorgeous George had convinced Angelo Poffo not to quit wrestling and become a school teacher when he was thinking about getting out because he saw something in him. Just a few years later, George Wagner died in a slop house after having made over 9 million dollars between 1960 and 1963. Angelo called Betty, George’s wife, and she told him that they couldn’t afford to give him a proper funeral. Angelo said, “You’ll give him a proper funeral and send me the check”, explained Lanny. “This is the man Pat Patterson called cheap (on the DVD).” Poffo sounds extremely upset by the “frugal” remarks made about his father on the DVD. He explains that he watched it with his mother and she takes a very negative view to anyone being critical of her husband and son.

Here’s the controversy when WWE’s induction of Randy Savage comes up with Lanny. He claims that Randy told him before he died that he stated he would only go in to the hall of fame if his brother and father went in with him. Lanny claims that Savage was adamant that his family went in or he would not be inducted by choice. Lanny initially said he would never authorize WWE to do it, but he seems to have changed his tune despite his brother’s wishes.

Ok, I am bending and let me explain why. The day I turned 59, it finally hit me I’m the older brother. There were a lot of times in my life, being the Macho Man’s brother and Angelo’s son, I didn’t get my way. As the last man standing, I am now. So, I told my mother I’m willing to allow the WWE to put “Macho Man” Randy Savage in the Hall of Fame by himself. I’m not going to have a blinking contest with Vince McMahon. He’s got balls of steel and he’s willing to cut off his nose to spite his face. I’m just not man enough to do that, fellas. I can stand up to a lot of people but not him. He’s got more guts and brains than anyone I’ve ever met. Even Randy would have told you that. What is the Hall of Fame anyway? It isn’t for the Macho Man, it is for the Macho fan and they are the ones that made him great. I’m sorry, Randy. I hope that you’re not mad at me. Maybe we’ll find out later.

We agree with Lanny that no matter what it would be a disservice for Randy not to go in to the Hall of Fame. It is very sad that it is posthumously. Randy Savage died from a heart attack while driving his car on May 20, 2011 (aged 58) in Seminole, Florida.

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  1. Macho Man was one of the greats. Politics can’t take that away from him or the fans. Pat Patterson can smoke a fat one.

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