Abel Trujillo came out strong in the opening pay per view bout at UFC 181. He was able to knock Tony Ferguson down and land a couple takedowns to secure what had to be a 10-9 round. Ferguson showed some spunk as the round came to a close and that would carry over to the second stanza.

It was clear Ferguson had the edge in stamina as Trujillo started to fade. Ferguson was able to snap Trujillo down to the mat and kept things at a fast pace. Trujillo started to fade and late in the round and the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu standout was able to lace a rear naked choke and force the tap out .

The Ultimate Fighter winner makes it four straight and continues to improve each time he steps in the cage

For full play by play of the fight click here and for the blockbuster CM Punk announcement click here.


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