Jason "Mayhem" Miller
Photo credit: Jack Bratcher/ProMMAnow.com

If a guy can crowd fund tens of thousands of dollars to make potato salad, Jason “Mayhem” Miller asking for $2 million to repair damages to his home and get his dog out of the pound after his infamous police standoff doesn’t seem so crazy. He also says he will hire a camera crew to document this turbulent time in his life and use the money to help further his MMA career.

“Hello, My name is Jason Miller- the Mixed Martial Artist, more widely known as ‘MAYHEM.’ I am a former World Champion, and a Black Belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu,” Miller states on GoFundMe.com. “I am asking for your support in this non-traditional way, because I have encountered some non-traditional problems.”

Miller goes on to recount the events of Oct. 9 at his home in Mission Viejo, Calif. and insists he is innocent of all charges against him. He lists several damages to his home and property caused by police and says the pound wants $400 to release his dog “Gator” who escaped during the incident.

“I am a Mixed Martial Artist, and any money that you invest will be reinvested into the Art,” Miller says. “I will also #FreeGator from his small concrete cell, and hire a camera crew to document this turbulent time in my existence.”

You can read Mayhem’s full pitch here: MMA Mayhem Campaign.

What do you think, will you be donating to the Mayhem Miller fund or should the volatile former UFC fighter figure this one out on his own? At the time of publishing Miller had raised $845 in 19 hours.

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