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Metamoris returns with its submission-only format on Nov. 22 from the Long Beach Convention Center and streaming live via online Pay-Per-View at Here’s 5 reasons you should watch:

5. Gary Tonon
If you watched Tonon’s match against Kit Dale, you will know about Tonon’s exciting style. He is constantly looking for submissions and isn’t afraid to give up position to keep the action moving. Add his excellent submission defense to the mix (See his armbar escape against Kron Gracie) and you have all the ingredients for an exciting match against Zak Maxwell. “The Lion Killer” has expressed interest in a possible rematch against Kron and also hinted at entering the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Whether he’s competing in Jiu Jitsu or MMA, I’ll be watching Mr. Tonon.

4. The Price Tag
Compared to the steep price tags of the UFC, 30 dollars isn’t much to put down for an evening of entertainment. Sure no one will be throwing punches or kicking each other in the face, but big names from the Jiu Jitsu and MMA world guarantee entertainment. Metamoris continues to get it right with the submission only format, the cheap price tag, and stars from both MMA and Jiu Jitsu.

3. The Secret Match
At Metamoris 4 fans were treated to one of the best matches of the night when Barret Yoshida and Jeff Glover took to the mats. The last secret match provided some of the most entertaining moments of Metamoris 4. The speculation and anticipation of who will be included in the secret match only help to hype the card up. We can only hope that this secret match will live up to its predecessor.

2. Rory MacDonald
To me this is an intriguing pick by Metamoris. Rory MacDonald is not known for his submissions inside the cage nor is he a controversial character like Chael Sonnen. Most people are thrown off by his thousand yard stare and lack of a personality. I’m not saying he lacks the credentials to compete, he’s a black belt in No Gi Jiu Jitsu under David Lea, I just think the choice is rather interesting to include him. JT Torres is a stud and it’ll be interesting to see how MacDonald will fare against him. Throw in the fact that Rory is due for a UFC title shot and this makes his match a weird version of must-see TV.

1. Renzo Gracie vs Kazushi Sakuraba Rematch
This match absolutely oozes cool. It’s a rematch of a Pride match which ended in a broken arm for Renzo. Both of these warriors have not competed for a while and this is the best way to see them in action. Sakuraba was known for his aggressive style during his MMA career and that should translate to his grappling game. Throw in the history between the Gracies and “The Gracie Hunter” and you have a recipe for a match that could surpass all its expectations.

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  1. Comparing to the overpriced UFC pay-per-views is not a valid argument. The UFC should be $30, and Metamoris about half that.

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