Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller is asking for your donations after police standoff

If a guy can crowd fund tens of thousands of dollars to make potato salad, Jason “Mayhem” Miller asking for $2 million to repair damages to his home and get his dog out of the pound after his infamous police standoff doesn’t seem so crazy. He also says he will hire a camera crew to document this turbulent … Read more

Ultimate Fighting Champion Chuck Liddell shaves iconic mohawk 4 good

LIDDELL PARTNERS WITH BIC 4 GOOD TO SUPPORT DOSOMETHING.ORG NEW YORK, Aug. 26 — BIC knows that it doesn’t take a lot to do a world of good. This summer, Ultimate Fighting Champion Chuck Liddell and BIC men’s razors–specifically the new BIC® Flex4™–will partner to support BIC 4 GOOD (http://www.bic4good.com) by shaving off Liddell’s signature Mohawk. The BIC … Read more