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Photo by Jack Bratcher for

Jason “Mayhem” Miller, MMA veteran and MTV’s “Bully Beatdown” host, has barricaded himself in his house and is in a standoff with SWAT. Not only that, but the 33-year-old UFC veteran is tweeting about the whole thing live.

KTLA 5 reports:

Police were called to the scene at the 26000 block of Avenida Calidad (map) regarding a barricaded suspect around 10:30 a.m., Lt. Jeff Hallock with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said.

Deputies were trying to serve an arrest warrant for alleged stalking at the home when the situation escalated into a SWAT call, Hallock said.

He identified the man in the home as Jason Miller, and said the individual had routinely been in contact with the Sheriff’s Department in past incidents.

Check out Mayhem’s tweets about the standoff:

We know Mayhem has had troubles with the law in the past — like that naked church incident. He also apparently has some mental health issues. Let’s just hope he doesn’t do anything stupid even more stupid and instigate the cops to shoot him. It doesn’t sound like he wants to go out like that. Hopefully no cop gets trigger happy either from what was supposed to just be a warrant served.

UPDATE (10/10/14): Thankfully the standoff ended peacefully after police breached the front door. Mayhem exited the back and surrendered without incident. Here’s the VIDEO.

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