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We all know how difficult the sport of mixed martial arts is to learn. There are so many techniques and skills to master but what about if you were blind or visually impaired how would you possibly train not being able to see?

Well for one group of South Florida students that proves to be no challenge at all, thanks in part to the instructions of Mixed Martial Arts Master,Riccardo Liborio.
For the past three years blind children ages 6-12 have been taking part in a summer camp program at American Top Team in Coconut Creek. Florida.

The program has provided these kids with an opportunity to not only take part in the sport, but self-esteem and the chance to do what is normally reserved for people who can see. The program is one that is dear to the heart of Master Liborio as his young daughter Bella is blind and has been the source of inspiration for his personal quest.

In this story you’ll meet some of the students that have taken part in the summer camp and see them train with Master Liborio and you’ll hear from Master Ricardo Liborio himself who’s clear vision of the stereotypes associated with what a blind and visually impaired person can do has been broken in part, due to his personal efforts.


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