Just moments after their melee at today’s UFC 178 press conference in Las Vegas, UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and title-contender Daniel Cormier appeared on ESPN SportsCenter and things were, well, a little weird. Jones’ demeanor this time around was completely subdued despite punching Cormier and flaming him on social media just minutes earlier. Cormier called Jones a complete “fake” and said he is only interested in taking the title from him when they face off in the UFC 178 main event on Sept. 27th. The guys also explain how their beef got started in the first place.


So what do you think, is this all a ploy to get the pay-per-view numbers turnt up or is the dislike and resentment between the two 100% for reals? Let me answer that for you. Jon Jones KNOWS EXACTLY what he is doing, and so does Cormier for that matter.

One thought on “Troll Job: ‘Fake’ Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier discuss UFC 178 press conference brawl on SportsCenter | VIDEO”
  1. Man…Jon Jones was channeling his inner Chael Sonnen today….lol….her certainly has tapped into Cormier’s emotions…dunno if that’s good or bad yet….

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