Fight Amazing! You put two guys together that don’t like each other and violence ensues. Some is for show but today seems like it was some legitimate beef between UFC light heavyweight champ and the man that has been eyeing his crown in Daniel Cormier. So as Twitter explodes about the news here is kinda what we know. The two fighters square off as is the norm at one of these function. Cormier gives Jones a push and Jones comes back swinging. Then everyone rushes in to try to stop it. Why would you do that? Maybe if the security crew was a mob of hitters like Nick Diaz or the like but that wasn’t the case today. The altercation meant the demolition of the presser stage. This feels like a rivalry that we can sink our teeth in and enjoy. Now we can sit back and wait to see what happens next. Daniel Cormier sent Jones a message though.

Jones and Cormier will get to do this officially at UFC 178 in September. Who’s more excited for this now more than ever!

Longer video of the melee and aftermath:

Now check out what happened when the two appeared on ESPN SportsCenter just moments after the brawl.

Stay close to ProMMANow for more on the event and this blooming romance between DC and Bones.

One thought on “Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier wreck site of press conference today”
  1. Jones lost his cool because he’s worried, rattled. Why else would you come out and pull that bush-league wanna-be-thug shit? If you’re the best, you sweat nothing, nobody else matters. If not, you’re mental because you realize you’re overrated and you’re about to be exposed, so you try to compensate, and then run around the after-melee screaming like a bitch. Did Jones forget he’s supposed to be the champ?! This was just an outward manifestation of his inner doubts about his ability.

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