UFC-Tonight-logoThe following quotes are from tonight’s THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER FINALE POSTFIGHT SHOW on FOX SPORTS 1. The show was hosted by Jay Glazer, with UFC light heavyweight Daniel Cormier and former UFC middleweight Brian Stann providing analysis. Ariel Helwani conducted interviews on-site.                                                                 

THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER FINALE POSTFIGHT SHOW on FOX SPORTS 1 Analyst Brian Stann on BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar:“BJ Penn was a former champ at 155 and 170. A lot of people were wondering what kind of BJ would come out. Frankie was taking advantage of the upright stance and got the takedowns. Frankie came in saying he needed to finish BJ, he’s never been finished. He did what no man had ever done to the legend.”

UFC 175 POSTFIGHT SHOW on FOX SPORTS 1 Analyst Daniel Cormier on Edgar’s victory: “We saw that Frankie Edgar is still in his fighting prime and was a step ahead of Penn tonight. Frankie showed that there’s a difference in level between him, Jose Aldo, Chad Mendez and the rest of the division. This one felt like BJ just wasn’t at Frankie’s level. There’s a difference between what the sport was back in the day and what the sport is today.”

Stann on Penn’s legend status: “BJ was the first guy who could destroy you on your feet or on the ground. We’d never seen that before, and he kept that elite status for years. The reason he was the Prodigy was because he was good at a few things when most were only good at one thing. Now they’re all good at most things.

Stann on the sport moving past Penn: “Tonight, he pressed that gas pedal and it just wasn’t there. But it happens to every great fighter. There’s a time when they’re dominant and there becomes a time when they get dominated.”

Frankie Edgar on how he fought BJ Penn: “I wanted to establish the pace. I didn’t know what to expect from BJ. I wasn’t focused on what he did. I focused on what I had to do. I heard Herb Dean tell him to do something, and I started to pour it on. I felt him fading in the second round. I almost felt bad a little bit. Everyone holds BJ in such high regard, and so do I. But before the fight, BJ kept calling me out and saying he was going to finish me, so I got a little mad.”

Edgar on beating Penn: “It was bittersweet. He was the man. Pound-for-pound, he was the best. He started the upside of my career giving me that title shot. He’ll always be a part of my career.”

Edgar on who he should fight next: “I see I’m number three. They moved Cub Swanson ahead of me, so it only makes sense fighting the guy ahead of me. I want to fight again before the year is out.”

Cormier on who Edgar should fight next: “I’d like to see him fight Cub Swanson.”

UFC President Dana White on Penn vs. Edgar: “I’ve always said fighting is a young man’s game. BJ has nothing to prove. He’s won two world titles at two different weight classes. He’s one of the greatest ever, but that’s who he is. He’s got that fighting spirit and it’s hard watch when fights like that happen. But sometimes you have to jump in there and that has to happen for him to hang it up.”

White if he wanted to see Penn fight: “I didn’t want to see him fight tonight, but he wanted it, and I respect him. He’s got it all, he’s one of two guys who have two belts in two weight classes. He’s fought in all the big fights, he’s made a lot of money, he’s got a beautiful wife and family. He’s got his own gym, what more do you want?

White on Penn’s future: “I don’t think he wants to say the R word. A lot of them don’t. I’ll sit down with his family and we’ll talk. BJ Penn is going to always have a home in the UFC. He’s our partner in the UFC gym and we’ll do things together in the future.”

White on who Edgar should fight next: “Frankie is the number three ranked fighter in the division. This was a great tune up fight for him. People want to see him fight Chad Mendes now that Aldo is sidelined. But Aldo is sidelined for 45 days, so he can still fight Mendes.

Stann on Eddie Gordon beating Dhiego Lima: “Eddie Gordon came out and applied pressure right away and Lima was never able to recover. You can tell why they call this guy ‘The Truck’.”

Cormier on Corey Anderson surprising Matt Van Buren: “He’s known as a wrestler and he said he was going to submit him. But he came out punching. It looked like Van Buren made him mad and he came out and finished the fight.”

Corey Anderson on how he improved so much: “I studied every night. I bought an iPad, got a subscription to Fight Pass, and watched Frankie’s fights every night to get his footwork. He taught me so much. They developed me into a man and a better fighter.”

Anderson on winning THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER: “It means a ton. When I go back home, people ask me if I’m really a fighter? When I was younger, I couldn’t fight myself out of a paper bag. I was a softy. I was a crybaby. I was 300 pounds. When I wrestled in high school, I got pinned by a girl, and now you look at me. I never quit and I’m going to give it my all at everything.”

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