On the WWE Money in the Bank kickoff show last night, Daniel Bryan made a pretty big announcement concerning his future, but was interrupted by wannabe motivational speaker Bo Dallas. Daniel Bryan apparently doesn’t Bo-lieve and proceeded to own Dallas on the microphone.

Daniel Bryan came out to a solid ovation and he is no longer wearing the neck brace. Bryan’s music stops and fans started chanting his name. The fans began their usual “YES!” chants for quite some time before Bryan playfully tried to hush the crowd but they quickly started to chant “NO!” at him.

Daniel Bryan then said he doesn’t know when he’s going to be back and says the strength isn’t coming back in his arm. Apparently, doctors are talking about doing another surgery, which disappoints the crowd. Bryan said when he does come back, he will be better than ever.

Bryan tells Michael Cole he would rather be wrestling tonight than watching someone else win his title. Cole asked some fan submitted questions. Shortly after, Bryan brings up John Cena, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns as potential winners of the main event. Daniel said Roman Reigns is incredible.

Daniel Bryan then talks about how he feels disrespected when he got stripped of the title. He stated that the authority didn’t even notify him.

Bo Dallas’ music interrupted Bryan’s speech and out comes Dallas. He poorly jokes that it must be a pain in the neck that Daniel Bryan can’t compete tonight. Bo finally tells Bryan to Bo-lieve. Bryan looked annoyed and says Bo is acting like a” bo-ner”. Fans rabidly chant “boner” for about 30 seconds. Bryan tells Bo he should “Bo-leave” the ring.

Daniel Bryan’s music hits again and fans chant “yes!” with him. Bo Dallas looks on with a stupid look before eventually leaving the ring.

Here is the entire WWE Money in the Bank pre-show.

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