In my opinion traditional martial arts owned the 80’s.

If you were Asian or European and could kick head level you were a God among men. Movies furthered the belief that a black belt in anything was instant death by a face-raping chop. People to this day are still spewing idiotic statements like Patrick Swayze’s famous “take out their knee” technique.

Not only that, but people believed he could rip their throat out with three fingers…thanks alot Patrick. The Roadhouse star’s shirtless Tai-Chi did more for fan boys than anything I had ever seen. Now, fat guys were grossing out everyone with their shirts off taking out the knees of unsuspecting passers by on a daily basis. It was pandemonium 1989.

Here are of four of the most delusional martial artists in the world that could cause the apocalypse if they all flushed their loads of bullshit at the same time. Enjoy!

4. Frank Dux

Modern ninjitsu is a worthless piece of commercialized garbage heap of epic fail. Fake Super spy turned Pink Ranger ninja Frank Dux popularized this super spy money machine by making up all sorts of crap about his past world fighting domination with the art of spin kicking people into some state of hypnosis. Then said crap was made in to a steaming hot mess of an awesomely bad movie called Bloodsport. Search “7 Fighters who lied their way to legendary”. There is a reason Mr. Dux is #1 on that list.

Let’s take a look at the ninjitsu techniques that he would train fighters with to win in the cage at probably a ridiculous price. He has stated before that the art is too deadly to use in a simple cage fight….

And let’s look again at this speech in an over-priced based on pixie dust and fairy wings seminar. NOTE THE CRAZY LOOK IN HIS EYES. It is a Himalayan fertility hypnosis technique he is using, and mix that with the African Yogurt Slinger Frog of Sri Lanka sperm he put in the paying students water supply and bam! Instant stupidity rendering hot garbage spewing.

At 1:16 of this video you can see what role playing as a highly skilled ninja assassin will get you.

Ninjitsu or ninjutsu is a dress up game where cosplayers throw shurikens at wooden targets in the hope that one day a fake samurai shows up and they can duel. Terrible. Frank Dux takes idiocy to the next level.

3. Tom Cameron

If you do not know who the “Human Stun Gun” is well then you are in for a treat my friends.

Tom Cameron heads up a school in Chicago, Illinois. In this dojo built on the blood and skulls of ancient warriors he has apparently siphoned their ability to bullshit people unconscious. Take a look at this video.

Tom Cameron is only less full of shit than number one on this list, which coincidentally he is a student of.

Since one of the prerequisites of using the death touch is a diabetic-ally enhanced keg shaped belly he is obviously the supreme being in that realm. Watch his students defend him valiantly while he fails to knockout a woman without touching her and by not touching her he means slapping the shit out of her head.

2. Sin The’

This guy was all the rage in Kentucky in the 80’s with his some-dude-fu art called Shaolin-Do. Back then traditional martial artists would tell people they had to register their hands as lethal weapons. I always joked that I had to register my johnson since it was a tool of female destruction. Come on man, I was like 14.

This guy ruled the world in Lexington, Ky. He was Asian and he wore black pajamas.

He had a gym, a wave pool, and a state of the art martial arts school. His world championships were held in a small Catholic school gym where you could see interpretive dance routines like this:

He had his students spread rumors of bullshit acts. One of the most notorious ones was that he jump kicked and broke a board in the hoop of a ten foot basketball goal. There were others that he had fought local masters in a smoky backroom to prove his supremacy in fights so secret even his opponents couldn’t recall them.

At his demonstrations another martial arts school caught some of his students breaking and then using superglue to repair wooden boards so they would break easier. The long pieces of wood he would have broken over various parts of his body were rumored to have undergone the same treatment. His art’s lineage got better and better as the internet was born amazingly and now he was linked to Shaolin temples.

The roots of his art have been debunked hundreds of times, but disciples still follow this guy and believe he is the messiah.

1. George Dillman

George Dillman has claimed to have trained a myriad of legends like Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali. While he does have pictures with them they look more like photo ops than anything else.

He started a brand of Karate called Ryukyu kempo karate or Kyoshi Shit-su as the internet calls it. In this system he claims to have learned how to knock people out from across the room and move people by using their auras. This is a prime example of what happens when the lies you tell begin to appear in your brain as truths because you have told them for so long.

Let me make this clear though, George Dillman was an accomplished martial artist back in the 60’s and 70’s. He competed in and won many national tournaments and was ranked by credible sources. Some time after that he began to build his own legend using TV to say things like he could have trained Marvelous Marvin Hagler to win a fight if I remember correctly. There was one condition though, Hagler would have had to stop training in boxing techniques and train privately with Dillman exclusively.

George Dillman has spawned hundreds of black belts claiming to knock people out using chi energy, but when on camera with non-students of his it never works. Just watch his portion of this National Geographic special and pay attention to the “Big toe” defense.

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  2. I had attended a number of Dillman seminars from about 1985 – 1991. In addition to having seen him knock out a lot of students, I have seen him disorient or ‘knock out’ many people who were definitely not his students — including the staff at Black Belt Magazine. While I have not followed him as he ventured into the no-touch realm and thus can’t comment on that with first hand knowledge, I have no doubt in my mind that he developed the knowledge and skills to use nerve strikes to cause effects which you wouldn’t ordinarily think possible. I might suggest that if you feel compelled to write about his abilities or perceived lack of ability from watching the linked video — and I agree that it raises questions, take some time to see him in PA or wherever he might be and see for yourself if he has the skills.

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