From TMZ:

Donald Sterling has NO shame over his racist rant … he hit the town Wednesday night at a high-profile, celebrity-packed Beverly Hills restaurant.

Sterling didn’t want to talk to our photog about the Clipper fallout and his lifetime ban … but he seemed more than happy to mingle inside The Grill — one of the most popular entertainment industry hangouts in all of Hollywood.

Here’s what’s breathtaking … Hollywood is liberal.  Liberals are indignant over what Sterling said.  And, the tables are all close together, so smack talk can be easily heard.  Yet there was Sterling, right in the thick of things.

He needs to read “Kitchen Confidential.”

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3 thoughts on “Video of ballsy Donald Sterling out and about in Beverly Hills!”
  1. How is this being ‘ballsy’? He went out to dinner at a place he probably has eaten dinner at hundreds of times. This is not a story.

  2. Big deal over nothing. A 31 year old gold digger ,barracuda, snake Bi -racial broad brings all this on ? Really ? Come on,,,,,,.not even news worthy. Amazing how at that early age one can have 2 Bentleys & a Ferrari, just goes to show you what a little Head can do for you.
    I suspect she is doing “Magic”.

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