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Tecia “The Tiny Tornado” Torres — photo courtesy Guardian Sports Group

Twenty-four-year-old Tecia Torres is undefeated in her mixed martial arts career. She went 7-0 as an amateur and is currently 4-0 as a pro, with wins over such names as Paige VanZant, Rose Namajunas, and most recently, Felice Herrig — all inside the Invicta FC cage.

Torres is one of the strawweight female fighters the UFC brought over from Invicta to compete on the upcoming “The Ultimate Fighter season 20”. Taping for the show starts soon, and fortunately Pro WMMA Now Radio host, Gina Begley, and Pro MMA Now’s Jack Bratcher got the chance to catch up with the American Top Team product before she leaves for filming.

PRO MMA NOW: Hi Tecia, thanks for your time. We really appreciate it. First things first, being you were born in Fall River, Mass., have you ever had, and do you like, Kale Soup?

[highlight]TECIA TORRES: Kale soup? I’ve never had kale soup — and I doubt that I’d like it [laughs]. I would really only eat kale if I was cutting weight or something. Aside from that, I stay away from the green stuff.[/highlight]

PRO MMA NOW: You’ve always been very active in your fighting career. How difficult has it been to wait for TUF 20 to begin and be on hiatus from competition for six months?

[highlight]TECIA TORRES: As an amateur, I fought every month or every other month or so. But, as a pro, this is the second time that I’ve had six months in between my fights. I’m anxious to get in there and do what I do. The six-month wait is OK because it’s given me a lot of time to prepare and strengthen my areas that I need to work on.[/highlight]

PRO MMA NOW: How do you feel you’ll handle the pressure of fighting multiple times within just a couple weeks? Will it fit your competitive drive?

[highlight]TECIA TORRES: I’m looking forward to getting three fights out of the way in six weeks. I’ve just got to stay healthy and uninjured. Fighting three times in six weeks is definitely a challenge but also fine with me.[/highlight]

PRO MMA NOW: How are you prepared to deal with the pressure of multiple weight-cuts?

[highlight]TECIA TORRES: I’ve cut weight more than once in a month plenty of times before, and I don’t go much over. It should be fine.[/highlight]

PRO MMA NOW: Carla and you are favorites to make it to the finale. Does that add any pressure for you, aside from being cut from friends, family, coaches and teammates?

[highlight]TECIA TORRES: It would be cool if Carla and I made it to the finale — that’s a fight I think a lot of people want to see. But, you know what? I might have to fight her first, so I’m prepared to fight her first or last.[/highlight]

PRO MMA NOW: Recently, fighters such as Ashley Greenway have travelled to train with you. As much as that was an experience for them, how was the experience for you?

[highlight]TECIA TORRES: It’s great having different looks in the gym and having girls who may not be at the level I’m at yet — but they’re definitely on their way. It’s nice to have them here, being able to train with them. I really enjoy having them in town, hanging out with them and having the camaraderie of being around them. I guess it’s a kind of like how it will be in the house.[/highlight]

PRO MMA NOW: Currently your fighting career is going well, you’re rising in popularity and you’re soon to be in the UFC. You’re very young with a lot of time for a successful career. Are you considering options for after fighting yet?

[highlight]TECIA TORRES: I’ve considered things. I finished college, so I could go that route. I could also go the other route and use as much fame and notoriety that I get out of the UFC, roll with the punches and maybe open my own gym one day or start teaching or coaching.[/highlight]

PRO MMA NOW: Top female fighters Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate have risen in popularity and are noticed for their talent and beauty. They were each featured in the Sports Illustrated Body Issue, posing in handwraps. If you were to rise to that level of popularity, would you consider modeling under similar circumstances?

[highlight]TECIA TORRES: I’ve actually thought about this before and I’m kind of iffy on it still. I think I would definitely consider all options. I don’t want to say no because it is an option. But it depends on where I’m at — with my career and in my life at that point.[/highlight]

PRO MMA NOW: Considering your youth, if you were to rise to the top and become the UFC strawweight champion — basically reach the top pinnacle of any fighter’s career — what would be left for you to accomplish?

[highlight]TECIA TORRES: Continuing that dream and continuing my reign — staying undefeated and having that belt.[/highlight]

PRO MMA NOW: Is there anyone on the TUF 20 roster who you would like to be matched up against? Or are there any two women on the show who you feel would put on a particularly great fight?

[highlight]TECIA TORRES: I don’t mind fighting any of the girls who are on the roster so far. Everyone poses a danger to me, one way or the other. I’m sure there are fights that people want to see, but I’m just looking forward to seeing everybody fight. I really don’t care who fights who — every fight is going to be exciting.[/highlight]

UFC Lightweight champion Anthony Pettis and top contender Gilbert Melendez will serve as coaches for TUF 20. The reality series will air on FOX Sports 1 later this year.


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