So UFC starts with Fight Pass and now the wresting juggernauts WWE have released their own digital network, that at first glance, seems pretty bad ass.

I am not much of a wrestling fan. That is hard to admit but my love for the squared circle circus died somewhere around 2002. Growing up though, I was a super fan. Shortly after getting my driver’s license I made a road trip to a WCW Monday Nitro taping at Freedom Hall in Louisville. With the launch of this new digital platform, it may stir up some old memories as you can get into the archives and re-live some of those moments.

Here is what we know. For the same price as UFC Fight Pass, WWE will allow you access to their subscription based service. Included with this will be pre and post event content. The full archives of matches and events will be available. The kicker though, all 12 pay per view events will be included. Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, and the monthly events will be streamed. Amazing right.

The service is set to launch right after the February 24th episode of Monday Night Raw. You will have to sign up for 6 months of service.

WWE fans will rejoice in this offering. As main stream media starts to stray from traditional broadcasting, UFC and WWE have both jumped on board this next generation of content distribution. Are you signed up for Fight Pass and will you subscribe to the WWE service? Sound off in the comments section.

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