2014 WWE Hall of Fame – Ultimate Warrior finally in?

The Ultimate Warrior and WWE have reached an agreement most  likely concerning the 2014 Hall of Fame but that’s still not confirmed according to LordsofPain.net.  All that is apparently known is that there is an existing business relationship between the two sides that have been at war since the WWE released their The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior DVD in 2005. This relationship will likely lead to something at WrestleMania XXX  weekend.

The bottom line is that stars such as The Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, and Bruno Sammartino dealt with or are dealing with prolonged and deserved entries in to the WWE Hall of Fame. Savage’s entry may never happen or at least I will believe it when I see it. According to many reports Vince McMahon took issue when Randy allegedly had some kind of relationship with his young daughter Stephanie. None of that is confirmed, but still rumors fly!

Bleacher Report has predicted that DX, Bill Goldberg, Lita, Batista, and The Ultimate Warrior will all make it in this year. Only time will tell.