Eugene Murray vs. Zion Clark (r) at Gladiator Challenge / Photo credit: Joey Krebs

On a cold Saturday night on Dec. 17, 2022, Zion Clark was victorious through a unanimous decision with a score of (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) over Eugene Murray at Gladiator Challenge. Zion Clark is a 25-year-old legless former wrestler from Ohio who voted with his feet in winning his first professional debut cage fight at Valley Center in San Diego, Calif.

More than being disabled he was victorious against an able-bodied man named Eugene Murray at Gladiator Challenge’s ‘Season’s Beatings’. Early in life Clark had to fight for his life as he was diagnosed with Caudal Regression Syndrome, a rare ailment which causes individuals to be born without legs.

Clark’s condition affects one in every 60,000 live births. Zion was soon abandoned and placed into the foster care system at an early age since his mother was suffering from addictions and was in and out of incarceration. The rare birth disorder didn’t let that stop him from competing in the combative arts beginning with his success at the sport of wrestling. Then Zion moved on to cage fighting. It was through the kind introduction of Joey Davis Sr. who took Zion under his wing and invited him to the fight camp of international renowned fighter and trainer Antonio McKee and the Body Shop family.

Zion Clark with his coaches / Photo credit: Joey Krebs

Today, Zion Clark is a disabled black athlete of diversity who has become an inspiration for millions of people across the world. Zion continues on with his life and fight testimonial with a tattoo on his back which in summary defines his lifelong practice as his day to day practice, “NO EXCUSES”.

The former multi-weight UFC champion Conor McGregor shared his fascination for Zion Clark’s narrative and gave recognition for his takedown which was showcased at his Gladiator Challenge debut and victory. McGregor stated, “Absolutely fascinating to hear about this man’s debut and now see it.”

Eugene Murray vs. Zion Clark / Photo credit: Joey Krebs

Gladiator Challenge is a mixed martial arts Mixed Martial Arts organization based in California which was first created in 1999 by the former Cerritos JC wrestler Tedd Williams. Gladiator Challenge has featured numerous up and coming MMA stars who have gone on to appear in fight promotions across the world like the UFC and Bellator.

Gladiator Challenge continues to bring MMA fans explosive action with the toughest competitors in the sport. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Tyson Griffin, Rashad Evans, Jaime Jara, Joe “Big Daddy” Stevenson, Mac Danzig and Urijah Faber are just a few of the promotion’s biggest names that have ALL been discovered at Tedd Williams’ events. Zion Clark is the promotion’s next star through a sport that saved his life.