On this week’s UFC TONIGHTKenny Florian and Chael Sonnen make predictions for this weekend’s FOX UFC SATURDAY: JOHNSON VS. MORAGAPlus, Sonnen reveals details about a new contract and training camp. Insider Ariel Helwani discusses upcoming bouts for Cub Swanson and Rashad Evans, plus Demetrious Johnson answers the Octo Questions.

UFC TONIGHT’s Chael Sonnen on Demetrious Johnson vs. John Moraga: “Demetrious Johnson is so fast, it’s scary. He’s so hard to beat, but John is the right guy for the job. He needs to use the jab to keep Johnson back. If Moraga can do that, he’ll have some success.”

UFC TONIGHT’s Kenny Florian on Moraga’s and Johnson’s strengths: “Moraga is a tall flyweight, he has knockout power and he’s a finisher. He has submission skills. Demetrious Johnson is going to have to be careful in the clinch. Johnson is so fast, and makes himself faster with the feints and the variety of his strikes. He’s able to confuse guys and he adjusts. We saw him in some trouble against Dodson and Benavidez and he got the job done.”

Sonnen on Johnson’s strengths in a fight: “He doesn’t have a problem with adversity in a fight. Most champions share that quality. He adapts, he finds a way to get his hand raised.”

Sonnen picks Johnson over Moraga: “I’ve got Demetrious to win, but Moraga is the right guy for the job. He’s got one way to win the fight, if he can control the range, but it might be tough to do in 25 minutes.”

Florian picks Johnson over Moraga: “Demetrious wins this one. His pace will be too hard to match.”

Florian on MacDonald vs. Ellenberger: “These guys are some of the best in the UFC. Ellenberger has knockout power and can wrestle, and he’s getting so much better with his submissions.”

Sonnen on MacDonald vs. Ellenberger: “Rory MacDonald, pound for pound, is one of the best in the UFC. Georges St-Pierre has come on this show and told us that. Ellenberger over-performs constantly in fights. This fight went from good to great largely because of the media, the hype and the animosity between these guys.”

Florian on Ellenberger’s keys to the fight: “If he can get on the inside of Rory, he can get rips to the body and rips to the head, he can knock him out. MacDonald isn’t a knockout guy, but he can make you look silly. He can make you look like you don’t even belong in there.”

Sonnen picks Ellenberger over MacDonald: “This is a dog fight. MacDonald is better, but Ellenberger is going to catch him. This is the fight of the night. This is my main event.”

Florian picks MacDonald over Ellenberger: “Rory will dictate where the fight goes, dictate the range, because he’s the taller, rangier fighter. He gets the job done.”

Both Sonnen and Florian pick Robbie Lawler over Bobby Voelker.

UFC TONIGHT Insider Ariel Helwani on Roy Nelson’s new contract and fight with Daniel Cormier: “Roy signed a new nine-fight contract. He says he wants to fight five more years in the UFC, until he’s 42 years old, and end his career with the UFC. As for Daniel Cormier, he says he’s ecstatic about the fight. He told me when he beats Roy on October 19, he’s going to take the mic and ask for an immediate title fight at 205. He says this will be his last fight at heavyweight.”

Helwani on Frankie Edgar’s next fight: “Frankie’s management team has said that they want to fight Cub Swanson in November on the GSP vs. Hendricks card. He’d like to fight soon, because Frankie really wants to fight February 1 in New Jersey on Super Bowl Weekend. He hasn’t fought in New Jersey since 2007. Cub says fighting Frankie is his Plan B. He really wants a shot at the title next.”

Helwani on Rashad Evans’ next fight: “Rashad has nixed a move to 185, and wants to fight in October or so. He zeroed in on the winner of Sonnen vs. Shogun. He says, ‘I have a lot of respect for Chael, but I’d really like to fight him.”     

Sonnen on his next fight: “I’ll return to middleweight after beating Shogun. There’re two guys I want to get matched up with: Vitor Belfort, because he’s awesome and he’s on an incredible roll. And Wanderlei Silva, who I’ve heard is going back to middleweight. The landscape has completely changed. I’ve got a new contract and I’m returning to the weight class.”

Sonnen on his new contract and gym: “I’ve moved to Southern California and am training at Reign with Mark Munoz. My new contract, which is a five-fight deal, was finalized today.”

Helwani on a new announcer for UFC 163: “Brian Stann will replace Joe Rogan one night only at UFC 163.”

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