UFC on Fuel TVOn this week’s UFC TONIGHT, Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian break down this weekend’s UFC 161: EVANS VS. HENDERSON. Urijah Faber joins the show to talk about his upcoming fight and more. 

UFC TONIGHT’s Chael Sonnen on Rashad Evans vs. Dan Henderson: “We’ve got two future Hall of Famers. Dan Henderson is a two-time Olympian, but he never wrestles in the Octagon. He’s a brawler. As scared as everybody is of him, the real deal on this guy is his iron chin.”

UFC TONIGHT’s Kenny Florian on Evans vs. Henderson: “Dan Henderson is a fighter’s fighter. He’s always up for a war. Rashad really needs to forget about his last fight and focus on what he does best: take him down. Rashad has an excellent top game and we’ve seen Dan Henderson struggle when he’s on his back.”

UFC TONIGHT Guest Urijah Faber on what type of Rashad we’re going to see this weekend: “The Blackzilians have been on a little bit of a downslide, but I think it’s going to reignite something in them. I’ve experienced it with Team Alpha Male. We’ve lost a couple title shots and that makes you realize you may need to take it more seriously. Hopefully we’ll see an amazing Rashad Evans and an amazing fight.”

Florian picks Evans over Henderson: “I think Rashad is going to take this one.”

Faber picks Henderson over Evans: “I’m going with Dan, he’s the man.”

Sonnen chooses a draw in Evans vs. Henderson: “I’m going with a draw.”

Sonnen on Roy Nelson vs. Stipe Miocic: “Stipe has a huge opportunity here: he can fast-track himself back in the top 10 of the heavyweight division. This is a short notice fight for both of these guys – it was supposed to be Shogun vs. Little Chicken. Nelson has the power and Stipe has the speed. It’s a lot closer of a fight than people think it is.”

Florian on Nelson vs. Miocic: “Stipe Miocic is a guy who I’ve looked out for for a while. He has a ton of potential: he can wrestle, he can box, he’s very athletic, and he’s a big heavyweight. He has to fight smart against Roy Nelson. He has to mix it up very well and utilize that great wrestling.”

Faber on Nelson vs. Miocic: “Roy Nelson has generations of hillbilly breeding in his blood. You’ve got to work hard to get that gut, but he’s got those calves and big hands. And he’s dangerous, so I’ve got to give him the edge.”

Florian picks Nelson over Miocic: “I think Stipe’s got a ton of potential, but I think facing Roy Nelson is going to be tough. Roy Nelson is going to take this.”

Sonnen picks Nelson over Miocic: “I think the timing is actually going to favor Stipe, but Roy Nelson gets the win.”

Faber picks Nelson over Miocic: “Take away the center piece of Roy Nelson and he’s a very well-rounded, dangerous fighter – I’m going with him.”

Florian picks Ryan Jimmo over Igor Pokrajac: “I think Ryan Jimmo is going to come back strong and take this by TKO.”

Sonnen chooses Jimmo over Pokrajac: “I think Jimmo needs to show up in a little bit better shape than last time. I think he will and I think he’ll win.”

Sonnen on working with Dan Henderson to set up Jon Jones: “All we know for sure is that I lied. I said one thing and then I said the exact opposite. You turned to a liar to tell you the truth? That makes as much sense as going to a Kardashian for marriage advice.”

UFC TONIGHT Insider Ariel Helwani on Jon Jones’ return: “My source told me that Jon was hoping to return around the summer, but his doctor told him to slow his training because his toe wouldn’t be healed. Now he is shooting for a return in October. He wants to fight Alexander Gustafsson and Gustafsson wants to fight him.”

Helwani on Georges St-Pierre’s return: “A source close to the champion told me he is hoping to return in October. UFC president Dana White told Sportsnet that he thinks a fight will happen in October.

Johny Hendricks on if he thinks St-Pierre is afraid of fighting him: “It’s looking like it. Just give me a date, time and place – that’s all I care about.”

Florian on if he thinks St-Pierre is afraid of Hendricks: “Yes, I do think he’s scared. That’s exactly why Georges St-Pierre performs so well and trains so hard – he’s fueled by his fear. I’m not sure he’s going to fight Johny Hendricks because he’s waiting to see what’s going on with Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva.”

Faber on fighting on the first Fox Sports 1 card: “I’ve got mixed feelings. It’s huge to be on the new channel for the first fight, but the opponent is someone nobody really knows about.

Faber on why he took the fight with Yuri Alcantara: “I don’t choose my fights. If someone asks me to fight in the Octagon, I have a hard time turning down fights. Who am I to say he doesn’t deserve it? He’s 27 – 4 and he’s got 24 finishes, 12 TKOs and 12 submissions. The guy has earned what he’s got.”

Faber on if there’s pressure to win this fight: “My pressure is bodily harm. I’m stepping into a cage to fight some guy from another country and he wants to beat me up and I’m not going to let that happen, period.”

Faber on if he wants to fight for another title: “I would love for that to happen. Do we have a champ who’s sturdy enough to stand up and fight? Right now we don’t. We’ve got Renan Barao and old man Dominick Cruz, who could take a lesson from Yuri on getting some finishes in his career. We’ve got to get these guys healed up and to step in so I can beat them for a belt.”

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