Jon Fitch responds to Dana White: ‘I’ve never complained about money’ *VIDEO*

[ads1]fitchAs he prepares for his World Series of Fighting (WSOF 3) main event,  welterweight Jon Fitch took some time to respond to Dana White over some comments made about money. Fitch released a YouTube video earlier today. White issued a statement regarding the discretionary bonuses the UFC had given Fitch during his tenure with the company. In all, those figures totaled just over $300, 000.

Fitch went beyond just the bonus money and laid out his total compensation from the UFC. ¬†For his time inside the Octagon Fitch claims he he made $1,322,000. That total if for 18 fights. He was quick to point out that even though it appears to be a great deal of money, that wasn’t the amount he profited from his stint. Fitch stated:

“Sounds like a lot of money. But let’s look at that a little bit closer. Out of the 18 fights in that fight purse, I paid 20 percent of that to management and the gym. So if you take that number, divide it by seven-and-a-half years, I was making roughly $176,000 a year before management and gym fees.”

White was emphatic that Fitch’s portrayal of the working environment was incorrect. White believes that Fitch was given every opportunity that anyone else had and points to several key losses towards the end of his contracted days with the company.

Fitch attempts to gather figures on just how much the UFC was making during his 18 fight career. His figures are rough estimates as the exact amount of revenue is not public. Fitch goes on to state that he was never unhappy with money and that he has never complained about money, not even when he fought in an eight man tournament in Mexico for $1,500 (non-UFC).

The back and forth continues and this probably isn’t the last we will see on the topic. Nonetheless, Fitch faces Josh Burkman this Friday night at WSOF 3.


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