What a difference a few months can make. UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz and his ex-pornstar babies’ mamma Jenna Jameson looked the picture of happiness in these pics from Valentine’s Day 2013.

Sure, they’ve had their ups-and-downs like any high profile couple living under the bright lights of Hollywood paparazzi and press. Like, remember the time Tito held that press conference to deny Jenna’s claims of domestic abuse and accused her of being addicted to Oxycontin? You know, just typical stuff we all go through.

But today things are getting pretty ugly. And what better way to twist the knife into your lover’s heart than Twitter? Take a look at Jenna’s timeline over the past couple hours:

When asked how it was possible Tito faked drug tests for the UFC, Jenna claims he used a fake penis and ordered urine:

This “proof” doesn’t show much as it appears to be a bottle of Ibuprofen and it’s common knowledge fighters often use needles to drain cauliflower ear. The label on the other bottle in the drawer is unreadable from the photo.

Hard to tell what this is… maybe a reader can help?

what is this?

Tito’s last tweet was about 9 hours ago:

It’s going to be damn hard to remain #positive and “Happy4life” when your babies mamma is doing this kind of sh–. Stay tuned to ProMMAnow.com for any outrageous Twitter updates, arrests or press conferences.

3 thoughts on “Jenna Jameson accuses Tito Ortiz of faking UFC drug tests, claims to have proof”
  1. The big bottle in the drawer is ibuprofen. Nothing special about that ?!
    From Anazao Health however you can get HGH. Which he would use the BAC water and the syringes for.
    I don’t think anyone is surprised. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that he has always been a heavy user of hormones. I guess it doesn’t get worse than marrying a porn star

  2. Her “proof” is weak. Other than the bottles that we can clearly see his name on that was prescribed by a doctor, the rest of that stuff could have been put in the picture by her. For that matter, she could put a bag of weed in the picture and claim it was his too. Just like a women though, breaking up is never good enough…they want to destroy you by any and all means necessary.

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