Fallon Fox
Fallon Fox – Photo courtesy FallonFoxMMA.com

How would you feel if you were a female MMA fighter who lost your match only to find out later you lost to a fighter who used to be male?

Apparently that’s what we’re looking at in the case of transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox.

The report comes via Loretta Hunt at SI.com:

“On Monday, the 37-year-old Fox (2-0) revealed exclusively to SI.com that she’s a transgender fighter — the first on record, male or female, to compete in the combat sport. Fox won her second professional bout with a 39-second knockout (via knee) last Saturday at Championship Fighting Alliance 10 in Coral Gables, Fla.

Fox, who underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2006 along with the supplemental hormonal therapy, is scheduled to fight again for the CFA on April 20 in the semifinals of its eight-woman featherweight tournament. However, Fox’s license approval is now under investigation with Florida’s Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation.”

This documentary about Fallon Fox from Outsports.com was just released today:

Read Loretta Hunt’s full report about the issues Ms. Fox is facing with the commissions on SportsIllustrated.cnn.com.

4 thoughts on “It was bound to happen: Meet the first known transgender MMA fighter”
  1. I do not believe this is right. After reading the guy, sorry, “trans gender” knocked out his female opponent with a knee I couldn’t help but say to myself, “that isn’t right” It like a man beating up a woman. Granted, tough women but a man shouldn’t be knocking out women for money and respect …nope

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