Patricia Vidonic female MMA fighterWell if you haven’t heard, here it is!! I am fighting Jessica “JAG” Aguilar at Bellator 94 on March 28th in Tampa, Fla. at the USF Sundome Arena. This is a phenomenal opportunity to face the top opponent in my weight class; challenging myself is the only way I can become the best.

I want to thank Bellator for bringing me back, and with ample time to cut the weight right! I am working on my weaknesses and polishing my strengths; lets see where this takes us Thursday, March 28th!! I am looking for sponsors for this event, please contact me for details.

We had a nasty storm on Sunday, it started getting really windy, then we got hit with snow and gaupel (snow pellets). It dumped for a couple hours, then froze. This morning we were driving on thick hard ice, it was loud too! Reminded me of deepfreezer ice that’s jagged. I had to wait all weekend to do laundry, so I went up and down the three stories in that crap, lol!!

Same as always, I am working hard, just now I have a target. Practice makes perfect!! Still didn’t get any takers on my blog… What submission would you like to see me do? I will post it in my next week’s blog, all you have to do is comment on THIS blog!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read, like, share and/or comment on my blog!!

I want to shout out to my gym Alternative Athletics Crossfit and 4th Ave. Dojo, this is truly the best place on earth!! I am very grateful to have my amazing husband/coach in my corner; thanks for everything you do. A big thanks to my training partner and good friend Ferg for putting in the hours at the gym with me!

I want to say thanks to all of my fans, family, and friends for all of your continued love and support.  Thanks to Jack and Denny with, as well as my sponsors ~ Polanti Watches , Training Mask , , Damage Control Mouthguards and also , GetSom Xtreme Gear and Solo Graphics.

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XOXO Little Patricia
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Lil P’s Training and Diet Diary (2-25-13 to 3-3-13)

Monday 2~25~13
8AM: Rode the bike for 15min, did some stretching, about 10mins, then started my strength training.
Ring dips ~ 26lb KB 3sets of 10 then no weight 3×20
Incline dumbbell press ~ 45lb 3×10
KB Tricep press ~ 35lb 3×18
Dumbbell press ~ 60lb 3 sets (6,5,5)
8PM: Rode the bike for 20min, stretched about 10min. 5min warmup then time for Cardio/Conditioning then training.
Cardio: 1min each 3rounds ~ pushups/6”/air squats/box jumps/planking
Time for training ~ Ground and Pound drills, then rolling with strikes.

Monday Meals:
Breakfast ~ 1pkg of cinnamon oatmeal w/1Tbs of Adam’s Natural peanut butter
Snack ~N/A
Lunch ~ 6oz of chicken & sweet peppers
Snack ~ mandarin
Dinner ~ 8oz of chix & bowl of raw veggies (tomato, cucumber, avocado, carrots, sweet peppers & sunflower kernels)

Tuesday 2~26~13
8AM: Rode the bike for 20min, stretched for 10min, then hit the weights.
SDHP(sumo deadlift high pull) ~ 95lb 10reps & 105lbs 3×8
Pullups ~ 40lb vest 7×5 pulling up quickly then holding at the top, controlling slowly down.
GHD Back extensions ~ #20vest+55lb weight 3×12
Hammer Curls ~ 45lbs 3×6
8PM: .Hand drills and sparring.

Tuesday Meals:
Breakfast ~ 1pkg of cinnamon oatmeal w/1Tbs of Adam’s Natural peanut butter
Snack ~ banana
Lunch ~ 4oz of chix, 1/3 sweet potato w/ ½ T of butter
Snack ~ apple
Dinner ~ 4oz of chix & bowl of cut up veggies(1/3 cucumber, 1 roma tom, 1 carrot, ½ avocado, 1/4C sunflower kernels 10 sweet pea pods & 6 sweet peppers)

Wednesday 2~27~13
8AM: Bike for 35min stretched for 15min and did some calisthenics.
8PM: Rode the bike for 25min, did a 5min warm up before Cardio.
Cardio/Conditioning: carrying a 60lb sandbag to each station from one end of the gym to the other and back. 15-9-5 pullups/boxjumps/KB Thrusters #35
Training: Ground drills and rolling.

Wednesday Meals:
Breakfast ~ 1pkg of cinnamon oatmeal w/1Tbs of Adam’s Natural peanut butter
Snack ~ N/A
Lunch ~ mandarin, banana & 20g protein bar
Snack ~ 1Cup of Plain Fat Free Greek yogurt w/ 1Tb of honey
Dinner ~ 4oz chix ¼ avo, ½ carrot, ½ tomato, 1/8Cup sunflower kernels.

Thursday 2~28~13
8AM: Bike for 25min and stretch for 10, then time to lift.
Snatch grip barbell Shrugs ~ 155lb 3×20
GHD Situps ~ #40vest+55lb weight 3×20 full range of motion
Push Press ~ 85lb 2×8 95lb 2×8
Toe2Bar ~ 5lb ankle weights 80 reps
HSPU (Handstand pushup)~ 5×10
8PM: Bike for 25min and stretch for 10.
Training: Clench and ground drills.

Thursday Meals:
Breakfast ~ 1pkg of cinnamon oatmeal w/1Tbs of Adam’s Natural peanut butter
Snack ~ Low Fat string cheese stick
Lunch ~ 4oz chix & mandarin
Snack ~ mixed fruit smoothie with FatFree Plain Greek yogurt (22g protein/serv.)
Dinner ~ 2 pieces of Tilapia, ½ Cup brown rice.

Friday 3~1~13
8AM: Bike for 25min and stretch for 10.
250 Air squats
GHD Hamstring ext ~ #20vest+55lb weight 3×12
Xfit WOD ~ 4rounds: 5 lap sled pull 70lbs and 50 air squats = ORX 75lbs 14:30
8PM: Bike for 25min and stretch for 10.
Open Mat ~ rolling.

Friday Meals:
Breakfast ~ 1pkg of cinnamon oatmeal w/1Tbs of Adam’s Natural peanut butter
Snack ~ banana
Lunch ~ 4oz chix & mixed fruit smoothie w/plain ff Greek yogurt.
Snack ~ N/A
Dinner ~ 6oz chix ½ avocado, ½ carrot, ¼ cucumber

Saturday Meals: 3~2~13
Breakfast ~ 1pkg of cinnamon oatmeal w/1Tbs of Adam’s Natural peanut butter
Snack ~ mandarin
Lunch ~ 20g protein bar and a banana
Snack ~ made my stomach upset w/sugar free hard candies
Dinner ~ ate 2 bites of chix and ¼ sweet potato (my stomach was upset from the candy)

Sunday Meals: 3~3~13
Breakfast ~ 3 egg whites, 1 carrot, ½ avocado, ½ tomato.
Snack ~ 8oz Plain FF Greek yogurt w/ 1Tb of honey over it.
Lunch ~ 4oz chix and ½ sweet potato
Snack ~ N/A
Dinner ~ 6 shrimp cooked with garlic and hot red peppers w/ some raw sweet peppers & mixed fruit smoothie.

“Little” Patricia Vidonic chronicled her journey to winning the Beatdown MMA women’s 110-pound title in her “Road to the Championship Blog”. Now that Patricia has achieved that goal, readers can follow “The Vidonic Chronicles” each week as she continues her journey toward her goal of becoming the top 115-pound female MMA fighter in the world.

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