bellator-ufcThe Ultimate Fighting Championship and Bellator Fighting Championships,the two major fight promotions in professional mixed martial arts, joined forces on Monday — for nearly 3 hours — while Bellator commentator Jimmy Smith was a guest on UFC color commentator Joe Rogan’s podcast.

It could have been two astronomers discussing the rings of Saturn, or two hardcore World of Warcraft gamers theorizing about the value of Paladian auras. But instead, what we had were two of the biggest MMA fans in the world who have sat ringside for some of the greatest fights in history, pontificating about how many knockouts a fighter can take before losing their chin and what really constitutes a performance enhancing drug.

They even dreamt about a day when the UFC and Bellator could do a cross-promotion, pitting champion against champion.

There was no quarreling about television ratings, or Bellator on Spike TV, or fighter contracts. In fact, there were really no egos. It was just two guys who are the best at what they do talking about the sport they love — oh and by the way, they are both encyclopedias of MMA knowledge. So ┬áit’s pretty cool they have allowed us the opportunity to listen to the conversation. Enjoy.

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