UFC President Dana White undergoes surgery for Meniere's Disease.
UFC President Dana White undergoes surgery for Meniere’s Disease.
UFC President Dana White recently went under the knife for Meniere’s Disease. They literally had to completely remove his ear during the surgery and you can watch the whole thing right here (hear).

If you are squeamish, if you don’t like the sight of blood, or you get dizzy when traveling down the ear canals of unconscious billionaires, then this video is not for you.

And guess who’s back? Why, Nick “The Tooth” of course. The bromance between White and “The Tooth” thickens as the surfer is there for his buddy during the surgery and serves as a nursemaid afterward, even helping to change White’s bloody bandages. Now that’s a friend.

Now why they call this a “UFC on FOX 6” video blog is beyond me. They should just call it, “The UFC Prez films his surgery” or “Nick the Tooth would make a good nurse” or “Don’t you guys have wives — why are you always together?” But hey, I’m sure those guys they pay on the UFC PR staff have their reasons…


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