Konstantin Gluhov (left) and Alex Emelianenko at M-1 Challenge 34. Photo by Victor Sokolov

Fedor Emelianenko may be retired, but his younger brother, Alexander Emelianenko (21-5), just picked up his third win of 2012 and his fourth win in a row. The 31-year-old Russian went three rounds with Latvia’s Konstantin Gluhov (24-11) at M-1 Challenge 34 in Moscow on Sunday.

The bout started out with both men trading heavily on the feet before Alexander eventually found a safer route to victory by putting Gluhov on his back and wearing him down with ground and pound. Gluhov seemed a bit out of his element on his back, and once there, seemed to be able to do little more than survive.

Aside from seeing Fedor in Alexander’s corner, the best part of the fight is without a doubt the first round and a half where both guys are throwing heaters and it looks like any moment someone is going down.

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