Well this is another late week, sorry about that everyone.  I took the money I got for my gloves and took it to B.A.R.K. These were the nice things they had to say on their Facebook page: Billings Animal Rescue Kare.

A couple weeks ago Jason and I were asked by Jared Torgeson to corner for him up in Great Falls on Friday night for his title fight, his coach couldn’t make it and he is from Washington.  To start off, Saturday, the 11th was my 33rd birthday, so we rode the Harley up there.

Friday morning we woke up to thunderstorms… Thinking we would ride out of it, and we had a backpack for the weekend, I wore a short sleeve shirt, and forgot a long sleeve… We were fortunate enough to run into another couple coming back from Sturgis, we got stuck at construction and had to back track; they were heading through Great Falls, so they invited us to follow.

We stopped and they offered us some rain gear; thank goodness, we rode in the storm till about 30 miles outside of Great Falls, then it was nice. Thank you Shelley and her hubby for the company, and the use of the jackets, you both Rock! We got there in just enough time to shower then head to the venue.

Jared did a great job, he fought the hometown hero and took him to school.  I am usually the underdog as well, and he definitely went in there, fought a smarter game and as he was getting ready to tap from strikes, his corner threw in the towel.  It was a really good fight, they also received Fight of the Night honors, congrats!

We also had the pleasure of meeting Kristina, Jared’s wife and their friend they came out here with.  And we also saw some of my local fans!  I guess another one of my “fans” was at the fights also.  Before I went to Great Falls, I asked all of my Facebook friends in Great Falls if there was anything cool to do there.  I got a few responses, and thank you to all who gave suggestions. However, on this one person’s page, some chick named Gina put a dumb comment about how I should ask some other *bleeping* fan.  So I commented back saying, “What’s your problem?”

The next  morning after we had left Great Falls and posted that we were in another town, I get some tactless message from this chick talking smack that, well first off that she cannot back up… Funny, how she was at the fights, and didn’t have a thing to say to me until we were long gone out of town.

So I told her this Saturday the 18th (or anytime) she can come to Billings if she is as bad as she thinks (record 0-2). I offered her money to come grapple me that night at the fights, don’t get me wrong, I will fight her anytime, she just claims she only needs two weeks to train for me. Here is her quote:

“if i could just get 2 weeks of good training in i would love to fight you at your gym or anywhere, if i f*** u up in your gym you better not try some f***ed up s**t on me, shake hands and ill leave.”

Sorry for the language, spelling and/or grammar… Oh and all of you ladies in my weight class, this is what she had to say to all of us:

“my only problem is i dont train if i did i would f*** all u bi****s up.”

Well ladies, we should all be very glad that she is too lazy to train, or all of our jobs would be in danger, hahahahaha!!

On our way back to Billings, we made a few stops to check out some of Montana.  It’s so beautiful here, we went to some museums, state parks, and little towns.  Lot’s of fun.

On another note, my teammate Ferg is fighting on Saturday night the 18th at the Shrine here in Billings! He will be the main event, facing Jordan Hernandez out of Wyoming.  He is going to bring his A-game for this hometown battle.  His last fight he fell short of a decision fighting 3 five minute rounds with a collegiate wrestler.

It’s your time to shine man, do what you know and be smart about it.  So it’s time to get in there and DO work!! Come support my  teammate and friend Ryan Ferguson this weekend.  I will be there, so please don’t be shy, stop over and say hello! Thanks again!!

Just training waiting to schedule another fight, so if you know of a promoter looking for an exciting 115 lbs. pro female MMA fight, look no further, just CONTACT me!!

I also want to thank my coach/husband/manager for everything he does. Lot’s of love to my teammate and friend Ferg, aka Ryan Ferguson for being an asset to the team; you’re going to dominate this weekend, stick to YOUR game!! I want to say  thanks to all of my fans, family and friends for all of your continued love and support.

Thanks to Jack and Denny with ProMMANow. Also thanks to my sponsors ~ Polanti Watches ~ Training Mask ~ Nutrabio.com ~ Super Body Care ~ Damage Control Mouthguards ~ No Pain Just Glory.

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XOXO Little Patricia
~ Red Power ~

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14 thoughts on “The Vidonic Chronicles: Put up or shut up”
  1. Wow. That was not kind nor loving, was it? It will be interesting to see if she is just all talk!

  2. im actually a good friend of hers n u never asked to grapple her at the fights cuz i know she would of done it .. n i was at the fightss n didnt see u there.

  3. Seth, while I understand you wanting to stick up for your friend. You need to go back and re read my blog. Gina didnt mack herself available till after I posted I had left GF. Thats when all her classiness came out. And as far as being at the fights, I cornered the Main Event, that was switched to co main. That was Jared Torgeson and Leo Bercier. So before you “stick up” for her, please know what you are saying first. Oh and the fight I cornered was Fight of the Night! Good job Jared!!

  4. remember lil p , a person who believes they can train for 2 weeks and fight you is demented. they have no clue how much work you as an athlete do to stay in such condition. they are the type to hit a heavy bag all out for 20 or 30 seconds and be gassed, while you hit it for an hour then turn around and say , ok, now some squats! it would be like beating up a handicapped kid, your too classy for that . but, that being said, if shes dumb enough to show up, pound that chick thru the mat . all my love and admiratrion , can’t wait to see you fight again soon :)

  5. well according to her she didnt see u there… she doesnt pay attention to the corber people and i know she will eventually come to ur gym..but she said she would only do a striking match muai tai or however u spell that.. with knees n elbows from standup… her striking is really good but noone has seen it but a few people

  6. Seth, I am confused with why YOU are commenting and not her? She has my managers number, and he has hers. She hasnt answered any texts or calls. I believe her fight name has “jitsu” in it? Seth, really its about her, not you. So please stop, let her talk, since she had lots to say before.

  7. Thanks Lil P! You are amazing! Gins/Seth should probly watch just who they “call out”, or maybe put the pipe down :-) Thanks again to you and Jason, hope to see you fight next time!

  8. for someone whowanted her to look bad….u only have two comments…that tells you something….she will fight u when the time is right and for u to say you called her that’s bullshit….u never called her…n another thing u blocked her like a little child so gown is she supposed to defend herself….. GROW UP

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