The Vidonic Chronicles: #LilP4theUFC

Patricia Vidonic female MMA fighter

How have you all been doing? Life is moving along here for me. Biggest and latest news has got to be that Dana has opened up the UFC’s 115-pound division!! You know, when I started fighting, I only joked about fighting in the UFC, now it is sooo very close to a reality!!

The Vidonic Chronicles: Halfway around the world and back

Patricia Vidonic female MMA fighter

Well, I had an amazing time in Guam! Especially during my fight for the PXC  at their 40th event! Thanks to everyone who tuned in, watched and enjoyed the fights! Mei & I put on an exiting fight, just as I envisioned. My coach stated that was the most I had ever stood toe to … Read more

The Vidonic Chronicles: Looking lean and feeling mean

If you didn’t know already, I am fighting Oct. 25th in Guam! I’m very excited and want to thank Pacific Xtreme Combat for the opportunity to showcase my skills in their cage! . This will be their 40th event; and I am proud to be representing the U.S.A., vs. Mei Yamaguchi.

The Vidonic Chronicles: I Have Been Working on Everything…

A lot has happened since my last blog, I took a slight step back to evaluate what was going on with me, on all levels. This whole year has been an eye opening experience, in both positive and negative ways. I know I am a true sportsman in both victory and loss. I take a defeat and use it to build myself stronger, never allowing myself to make that mistake again.

The Vidonic Chronicles: The serpent and the dog

Patricia Vidonic female MMA fighter

“Little” Patricia Vidonic shares her experiences as a mother, wife and professional women’s mixed martial arts fighter in her weekly blog, “The Vidonic Chronicles”. Lil’ P shares her weekly training and meal diary and how she spends life with her family while training full time as a fighter in Billings, Mont.

The Vidonic Chronicles: No Excuses

Patricia Vidonic female MMA fighter

First off, I want to apologize for not being here for the past couple of weeks; I have no excuses, I just had some evaluating to do. I took a short notice fight a lil over a week ago, and unfortunately I got caught in an armbar and lost in the 2nd round.

The Vidonic Chronicles: Sugar, spice and not so nice

Patricia Vidonic female MMA fighter

So, if you haven’t heard already, I took another short notice fight. Same reasons as the last time, a couple of opponents dropped out for whatever reason; when they contacted my manager, he figured work is work and we accepted it.

Patricia Vidonic takes short notice bout with Alida Gray at SCS 17 (updated)

“Little” Patricia Vidonic will take her second short-notice fight in under a month when she takes on Alida Gray at “SCS 17: Mayhem” on Saturday, June 1 at Sugar Creek Casino in Hinton, Okla. Gray, who is making her pro debut, does not seem intimidated by the veteran and in fact sees her as a bit of a stepping stone toward her goal of fighting for Invicta.