UFC 146: Dos Santos predicts second round KO, Mir predicts first round sub (Video)

UFC Champion Junior dos Santos and challenger Frank Mir were face to face when they sat down with Mark Kriegel for a FoxSports.com interview. The UFC 146 headliners talked about their strengths going into the May 26th matchup that will take place inside the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

When asked if he had to break Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira’s arm during their UFC 140 matchup Frank Mir responded:

“It was an outcome of a situation that occurred. I applied a move, called a Kimura I was trying to get him to tap and applied pressure and he underestimated the amount of pressure I applied.”

Mir has a history of breaking bones inside the Octagon, along with the severe breakage of Nogueira at UFC 140, Mir also snapped Tim Sylvia’s forearm at UFC 48 with an armbar.

“I have to have in his mind that there’s a certain threat of danger. That if I grab you and put on a submission, and you don’t tap, that might work to,my advantage and he taps quick.”

Junior dos Santos explains why he said, “Frank Mir is not a man” on the first episode of “UFC Primetime”:

“When he is leading a good moment, he is a monster. He is very dangerous and can capitalize. When he is leading a bad moment in a fight he can’t escape that moment. I think he gives up very easy in bad moments.”

Both fighters were also asked for predictions for the outcome of their UFC 146 Main event matchup:

Frank Mir: “Obviously, I predict that I win by submission, early first round.”

JDS:  “Second round knock out.”

Check the video below:

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