Former UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar slams John Cena with a signature F5 on Monday Night Raw.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar (5-3) has taken off his UFC gloves, dusted off his wrestling boots and returned to the world of professional wrestling, where the punches don’t hurt nearly as bad and the outcomes are scripted.

No longer will he have to worry about Frank Mir breaking his leg or Cain Velasquez knocking him out or Alistair Overeem putting a knee through his gut. Those days are gone. You can call him a traitor but the pro wrestling world could have called him a traitor for leaving in the first place. He came, he saw and he kicked some major ass. He changed the MMA landscape forever… or at least the UFC landscape for a moment.

Rumors were rampant that Lesnar might make his formal return to the WWE Sunday night at Wrestlemania XXVIII. Instead, he kept the fans waiting one more day and returned on Monday Night Raw at American Airlines Arena in Miami.

Fans chanted “Holy sh**!” as Lesnar walked out to the ring where John Cena stood grinning, having just called out The Rock, but instead got The Brock. Just Moments later Cena lay motionless on the canvas, the victim of a patented Lesnar F5.

Lesnar made his last WWE appearance against Goldberg at Wrestlemania XX in March 2004. It has been more than eight years since “The Next Big Thing” worked a match. If you follow the WWE you might be asking why Lesnar attacked their golden boy Cena and how the storyline of his return is going to play out. If you are an MMA fan watching this unfold you might just be saying to yourself, “We lost a good one.”

Brock Lesnar makes his WWE return on Monday Night Raw

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