The following are quotes from the “UFC Postfight Show on FUEL TV.” Jay Glazer and UFC VetBrian Stann hosted the show, while Ariel Helwani conducted exclusive postfight interviews backstage. Here’s some of what was said:

“UFC Postfight Show on FUEL TV” Analyst Brian Stann on Sanchez vs. Ellenberger: “Just when Jake thought he had Sanchez figured out, Sanchez came back. Sanchez has the ability to stop the takedowns. Sanchez is never out of a fight. He’s impossible to shake and he does damage. The X factor in this fight was Ellenberger’s power. He was the stronger, more powerful athlete in this fight. Let’s have them fight again.”

Stann on the hometown advantage for Ellenberger: “Ellenberger heard the crowd tonight and we could see it in his actions. That’s a huge adrenalin rush for him.”

Exclusive interview with Jake Ellenberger on fighting in his hometown: “It was electric in here. It was more overwhelming than I thought it’d be. It was hard to stay focused, to keep my strategy. The place was going nuts.”

Ellenberger on training for Sanchez: “Diego was extremely hard to train for. I knew I couldn’t just back up and had to stay on the offensive.”

Ellenberger on his next fight: “I’d love to get a rematch with Condit. My goal is to win the world title. I still have some things to work on – small things like positions. I’ve got to go back and train and practice.”

Exclusive interview with Diego Sanchez: “It was a great challenge and a great effort. I had a lot of obstacles before this fight. I had a severely sprained ankle before the fight. But I wasn’t going to pull out of the fight. I just didn’t have the proper training. I worked around the injury. I couldn’t sprint and run.”

Sanchez on his tactics in the third round: “I went for the stoppage. I should have gone for the choke out. I had him flattened out and usually with that pace of punches, the ref will stop the fight, but he was showing enough life so the ref wouldn’t stop it.”

Sanchez on his next fight: “I’m going to take the fights that propel me to the biggest stage. The 155 weight class isn’t out of the question. I’m going to heal up, talk to my coaches and managers and Dana White and see what happens.”

Ariel Helwani on the Welterweight division: “A year ago we thought the Welterweight division was dry, but now it’s great. GSP isn’t coming back until October or November. We could have Jake Ellenberger fight Condit again. The first time they fought was very controversial, but Jake has grown a lot. The UFC could put that fight with Condit vs. Ellenberger to bed, then get to the title fight with GSP. Condit can’t sit out for another ten months.”

Stann on a potential Ellenberger vs. Condit fight: “Ellenberger doesn’t want to fight a fight like this [one he just fought]. Jake should take it to the ground against Condit. Carlos is one of the best kickers out there. Jake has added a brutal ground and pound element to his game. He showed the composure of a true veteran. He’s won six fights in a row in this division. It’s tough just winning two in a row in the UFC!”

Stann on Struve vs. Herman: “Struve had a tough first round. He came out in the second and made some adjustments.”

Exclusive interview with Stefan Struve on his fight vs. Herman: “I decided to not go all out in the first round. I had a little doubt in myself. But I saw he was getting tired and I was feeling good. We’ve worked hard on my striking, and everything is falling together. I’m getting bigger and stronger. You learn every fight. For the next time I might start faster. I knew I could go the distance. I’m really happy with it. I’ve been improving my striking. I’m getting stronger every fight.”

Struve on who he’d like to fight next: “I’d like to avenge some of my early losses in the UFC, but I don’t want to fight anyone in particular.  In the past I doubted my strength, now I’m more confident.”

Stann on Simpson vs. Markes: “Aaron Simpson was almost able to take Ronny Markes and rock him with the uppercut in the first round. Markes won the second and third rounds. Markes used his size, and wrapped Simpson up a lot and wore him down. Simpson was a little too conservative in the second and third rounds. Markes made some adjustments. This was only his second fight in the UFC.”

Ronny Markes in an exclusive interview with Helwani: “In the first round he got me, but in the second and third round I got him. I think I deserved to win the fight. I think this division is my division.”

Stann about his potential to fight Markes in this weight division: “Now that Ronny Markes knows he can cut that weight, he’s going to be able to do it a lot easier. If I get through my next fight, I’d be happy to go up against him.”

Simpson in an exclusive interview with Helwani: “I think we both deserved to win. I thought I could have finished him in the first round, but he’s tough. Maybe I need to move down a weight class.”

Stann on Miocic vs. De Fries: “Miocic was a baseball pitcher and wrester at Cleveland State University. We saw him throw some fastballs tonight. We knew Phil would have some problems getting this fight down to the mat.”

Miocic in an exclusive interview with Helwani: “My coaches told me to change it up after the first round and I did, and that helped me. I saw him get wobbly and I went after him. I felt a lot better than last time I fought.”

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