The Underdog Blog: First fight at bantamweight

WEC and Strikeforce veteran Casey “The Underdog” Olson (13-3) returns to action at Tachi Palace Fights 12 on March 9 against Visalia’s Cody Gibson (5-2). This is Casey's blog... welcome.

By: Casey “The Underdog” Olson

This time around for me is much different than any other fight I’ve had in my career.

Getting back to training was easy, but finding the time to get the training was the challenge. Working a full time job at Clovis North, coaching wrestling and teaching classes at AKA take up most of my time already.

With the help of friends and training coaches, early morning strength and conditioning, late night pad work and mitts in between teaching classes and my Sunday truck push has been my regimen.

Most say it’s unorthodox, and although it probably is, it has worked for me. Being so busy and having a schedule that is so full, it truly has made me push my workouts more, because I know they are limited compared to what most other fighters are putting in.

Among the challenge of time, this will be my first time fighting at bantamweight.

It will also be my first time being at 136 pounds since my senior year in high school in 1998. Most of my closest friends and family thought I was crazy for taking on such a challenge, fearing my health, maintaining my strength and having energy would be a problem.

So far I have proved them wrong.

I did a trial run to my old weight class of 145 two weeks ago and felt great.

I will be doing another trial run to 136 pounds in two weeks.

Wrestling the past 17 years of my life has given me much knowledge on weight management. I know the first time making a new weight is always the hardest, hence the trial run next weekend.

I don’t want the first time in 14 years of being down at this weight to be the time I step in the cage.

I’m not one to make excuses, and no matter what happens on March 9th, my weight and training schedule WILL NOT be used as excuses if I were to get bested.

However, I don’t train to lose, and I’m more motivated for this fight than any fight ever before in my career so I will be ready to rock.

Four weeks from now will be an exciting night.

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